Thursday, 17 September 2009


Hello friends I, AMIT and back with another story about my sister and me on our journey in the train , I have a younger sister who is really hot and i would like to tell this story to everyone ,this incident happened few months ago , my family was on a trip to north India , my mom and dad went to another place and left me and my sister in Delhi for two more days as we loved roaming around Delhi , we were supposed to go to Varanasi next day as our relatives lived there , we had to go by train alone as my parents had already reached there ,this was the first time we were traveling alone by train for such a long distance and were excited about it , we booked general tickets as we could not get reservation so late , this on the day of departure we reached the station , we were expecting some rush as it was evening time it was an express train ,I was wearing regular shirt and pants and my sister was wearing a black top and loose capri as jeans were uncomfortable for a long distance of 10 hours , our train reached the platform at 7 30 pm , we were surprised to see the rush inside the train people and crammed inside , we had no alternative but to take it as we had to reach there at any cost , we were pushed inside by the crowd , i dropped my bag while climbing and had to wait for everyone to get in and i finally managed to get inside the train almost hanging outside the door , it was the general class filled with mostly workers and laborers in their dirty clothes and stinking smell , almost all the passengers were male and hardly any female presence was felt around , not till i remembered my sister who was crammed up right in the middle of the boogie , forget a seat an inch of space to stand was barely available for her , she was stuck between three huge men and the language which was blocking the light from the tubes ,the train was moving and so did i to reach to my sister , she was constantly looking out to search for me but could not see me , but i could see her but not move towards her , I was being pushed away by men around me , she was looking helpless and stuck , she was catching a person on his shoulders while being pushed around , for many men it was arousing to see a young helpless girl surrounded by men , I wad dreading it but it was happening , I could see hands crawling on her back and legs , where ever she moved there she was being touched , who would not try having some fun , she was scared , a man next to her turned around squeezing her boobs and facing her his hands directly touching her boobs , the hands behind got bolder and started moving around and down slowly , a guys in his 30s pulled her top up from behind lifting it slowly till her bra straps were visible , people seated around her watched the fun , after all she wants their sister , I could not watch it , but I was helpless , I could not move forward or ask for help ,everyone watched the fun as he put his fingers down her loose pants exposing her ink panties , a saw a man rubbing his dick at the sight of her panties , slowly they grew in confidence and started molesting her lifting her top up , she tried to catch his hands but instead a man caught her hands and asked her not n to scream , he threatened her and she was completely scared now , assuming she could not do or say anything it was party time for the men around her five men surrounding her started taking their chances , a man pulled her top up , her white bra and white cleavage was facing a hundred hungry eyes , not wasting time her pants were down and even her panties till her knees, around 7 hands were on her body , taking turns to touch her privates , she started crying and the were laughing her 32b round boobs were being pinches ,cupped and pressed by two hands , her ass was being enjoyed by two and many fingers were trying to enter her pussy , she was now naked and on their mercy being molested in a moving trains , these dirty people were enjoying her body ,a guy was kissing her and another was licking her boobs while another pulled his dick out and made her catch it , her cunt was being fingered violently as she moved from side to side , people near her blocked others view and heads were turning around people were enjoying my sister as slut in the train , her grouping did not stop , a person then made her go low and forced her to suck his dick resisted but another pinched her pinkish nipples , she open her mouth to screamed but only to get a dick inside it , she was sucking the dick in no time , many guys fought over her to take her vagina , a tall man took his dick and inserted and pushes it inside and began throbbing her , and the fucking continued for five minute till the guy whose dick she was sucking cummed in her mouth leaving her mouth full of semen , he made her swallow it , poor sister was now being raped ,The fucking stopped as the train halted at a station it was two hours inside , but soon the train left and the fucking continues with fresh dicks in her mouth and pussy , her hair was messed up her face was full of tears and cum and her boobs had become red and still hands were moving on and her waist was caught by the man who was fucking her pussy , another change of men , when she almost collapsed when he cummend inside her , before the next man could start i jumped on a seat where i finally found some space and reached for her , a man pushed me , but i managed to catch her hand , and pull her away, , people saw us running throw the crowd , she pulled her pant up and top down , but the touching did not stop , men touched her and tried to block us , i got some blows but still continued on the was some one caught her top and pulled it hard , tearing it on the back side , but we continued to move on , she stood near the toilet , where 3 ladies were standing away from the mad crowd , we waited for the next stop to get off and switch into the reservation boogies, we did just that at the next stop , this is how i managed to save my sister from being completely ravaged in the train