Sunday, 6 September 2009


Hello readers, I want to share my sexual experience. My name is Harry and presently I am 24 yrs old. I live in day my g.f call me n say me her mom was go to nani maa house with her sister SHIPU due to some imp. work.And her father on business purpose for two weeks. So at home were Priyanka and her friend Payal.i planned to meet my g.f to her home.When i reached my g.f's place,i found thr jst priyanka n payal....Priyanka was 20 yrs old.Priyanka was stunning. She was tall and fair and had a very attractive figure. Her friend (19 yrs) was also beautiful.The initial two days were of great fun.Now I, Priyanka And Payal were the only ones in the house.I went to Priyanka's bedroom and switched on the TV and started watching it. After fifteen minutes,Priyanka and Payal came to the room.Payal sat very close to me on the bed and Priyanka said that she was going to take a bath.Priyanka took her clothes from the Almirah and went inside the bathroom.payal wears a jeans n shirt. Suddenly she changed cloths front of me.her body is so good.she wears capri n long neack t-shirt... My goodness, what a breast she had. Perfect round cups and the nipple being clearly visible owing to the translucent bra that she was wearing. The bra was a low cut one and a large portion of her cleavage was exposed. I had a sudden hard on.she came near to me. we talk bit.She exposed her breast completely due to loose long neack t-shirt.She had a milky breast and the nipple was in perfect contrast to it. It was of perfect black color and the circumference was too large. It almost occupied her half breast.My cock was rock hard in my underwear and I was feeling the pain as my monster tried to tear apart the fabric of my underwear.she was casually watching the television. But now my eyes were glued to her breast rather than to the TV.I could not control myself any longer and started rubbing my penis from the top of my pyjama. She was now in her pink capri and the black n white colored top.She then opened the Almirah and took a towel and came to the bed and sat near me. My mouth was wide open after this sexual experience. I was sweating profusely. My forehead was perspiring and she noticed it. She gave a naughty smile and asked me whether it was too hot. I nodded obediently. She said that it was okay and I would feel better once I paid a visit to the bathroom. Then I thought - "so this fire knew it all! The time and she had done everything purposefully." but I still lacked the courage to make an indecent move.She told me, " even I am feeling very hot" and saying this adjusted her capri below her navel. I was now in the process of forming a mental image of her body. Her pink colored sexy capri, her deep navel, her flat stomach, she wears black bra inside top which i see due to long neack t-shirt. her black bra imprisoning her milky breasts, her nipple which was clearly visible and her deep cleavage of which nothing was left hidden. Suddenly Priyanka came out of the bathroom and she expressed no shock or surprise on seeing her firnd sit in sexy dress.Payal went to the bathroom for fresh and as she was walking to the bathroom, I noticed her back.Her wide buttocks were protruding out from her pink capri. I now looked at Priyanka. One look at her and it sent my already rock hard cock even harder. She was wearing a silky nighty of yellow! Color. The nighty was a perfect see-through. Inside she was wearing a yellow color capri and a black bra. Her bra cups were clearly visible through her nighty.Around 5 P.M in the evening Payal said that "we play some game".priyanka said,"which game" thn play replt "KABADDI".so i said "priyanka n payal will be in one team n i in one." but Payal said that she is not feeling like playing. So Priyanka was in one team and I was in the other team.Payal sat nearby to watch the game. Firstly,Priyanka came to my side chanting "kabbadi.......". I was staring more at Priyanka's anatomy, which was all the while more visible whenever she bent. Her breasts clad by the black bra were becoming more and more visible. I caught hold of Priyanka from behind and had a good grip on her stomach. My dick was as such rock hard and I was having a difficult time holding Priyanak's stomach and con! Trolling the pain in which I was reeling. Now as Priyanka's nighty was made out of silky material, she was able to break loose my grip and get onto the other side. I then protested, "Priyanka, your nighty is made up of slippery material and that is why you escaped. You please change your nighty".Priyanka said, " now who has the time to change the nighty. I will remove it for you". Saying this, she unhooked the front of her nighty and holding the hem of her nighty pulled it above her head. My goodness, I had my tongue caught between my teeth as I looked at Priyanka who was now wearing a yellow Capri below her navel and a black bra. She was smiling naughtily and she said pointing to her clothing, “this is my bra and it is made up of cotton. My Capri is also made of the same material and now you cannot complain anything about my clothing".Payal was laughing loudly at this. Now I knew that these two were real fires and I will royally fuck them before leaving. But still! I was not able to muster the courage. I then went to their side chanting "kabbadi.....". I was not able to concentrate on the game and Priyanka would occasionally bent and expose more of her cleavage for me.Payal was all the while having a good time laughing. Next, when Priyanka came to my court, I held her tightly from behind. This time deciding not to let her go. She started struggling in my grasp. My dick was hard and it was rubbing against her ass on the fabric of her Capri and from behind, I was getting a better view of her breasts now jumping in and out of her black bra owing to her rigorous body movements. All of a sudden without any warning, she brought her hand behind and gave my dick a sudden and violent squeeze. I yelled and let her go. She reached her court and said that it was an escape at the nick of the moment. Now I understood that the sexy wanted to play dirt. Now when I went to her court, I went near her and gave her breasts a mighty squeeze. She yelled loudly ! And simultaneously started laughing.The next time Priyanka came to my court, I decided to play a little more dirty game. I caught hold of her black bra from the front and told her,” now you won't be able to get away from me this time". She winked at me and in one swift action took her hand behind, unhooked her bra and let it come off through her hands. She got back to her court bare breasted leaving the black bra in my hands. I was stunned. She was laughing voraciously along with Payal and I was looking at her breasts. Magnificent in size and shape with the same sized nipples as her friend. I took the bra to my nose and started smelling it. I noticed the size tag on her bra. It read 34.Priyanka came to my court and asked for her bra. Now it was my turn. I quickly put the bra inside my pyjama and asked her to take it if she wants it. She looked at her friend for a moment and then took my hand and placed! It on her breast. I just lost control of myself and started squeezing her boobs and fondling them. I pressed her boobs hard and started playing with her nipples. I tuned them and soon they became rock hard. Priyanka turned to Payal and said, “Payal,come to my bedroom. Tonight is party time." saying this she dragged me to her bedroom. I was still clinging onto her breast. Once inside the bedroom, she pulled the string of my pyjama and got it down. The bra was inside my underwear and so she had to pull down my underwear.She got me off my underwear. The bra was now hanging from my dick on one of its straps. With the bra hanging, she took my shaft inside her mouth and gave me a good blowjob. I cummed instantaneously and she took the entire thing in her mouth. She was still wearing her capri. I untied the knot of her capri by my teeth and had it down instantaneously. She was wearing a red colored panty. I was about to pull her panty down when she asked me to wait. She sat on the bed and laid me on her lap. Lifting my head to her nipples, she guided one of them inside me. I started sucking them as hard as I could. At that moment,Payal joined us. She came near me and asked me to help strip her. I took off her top. She was wearing a pink bra and a matching panty. I started tracing my hand on her boobs. She liked that tickling sensation. Then I went behind her and I squeezed her boobs from behind. She yelled aloud. I then came to her front and started unhooking her blouse gradually. She was moaning and biting her lips. I removed her blouse and this time she was wearing a bra with the nipple completely exposed.i unhooced her bra. n her gourgious boobs come out...I could not control on seeing this and started sucking her breasts.I started sucking harder. After about five minutes of us! seeking at one breast, I switched my attention to the next.I helped both of them remove their panties and made both of them lie on the bed. That night I really feasted myself on them. The next day the three of us took bath together and we had a great time.After tht i came back to my homeBut the memory of those days is still fresh in my mind.