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exotic babe

I am sabitha and married for five years. My husband sekar and I have very active sex life and we enjoyed ourselves like anything. We shared our fantasies each other and tried it in our bed room, but we don't have enough chances to try it out side. Our fantasy will involve lesbian sex and threesome sex with Amaravathi who is a relative to us and living next to us. She is a widow and has one son working in Chennai as software engineer.I always pretend sekar as woman and treat him like a woman in private. He wears only women out fits and inns while he is in home,I shaved his body hair completely and always lick and suck his cock and have strap on sex with him. He too enjoyed this very much and we tried whenever we get chance. Whenever we did this we fantasized about Amarvathi. She is in her mid forties and still very pretty and sexy, with firm 36c breasts and a perfectly shaped body. She is a typical south Indian middle aged woman having large and bulgy hip and sexy ass.One Sunday we all together and talked about each other then she enquire about the chatting through net because her son wants to see her once in while. I told her that it is not a problem I have computer with net connection so whenever she wants to talk to her son come and use it. She told me that I don't know how to use it so assist me in this regard and I willingly agreed to teach her.From that day onwards often she came to me and both surf through the net and chat with her son, this will give me a chance to be closer with her and I really enjoyed her company she too like it. We discussed every thing and whenever I get a chance to be with her in alone I started to talk about sex and about my personal experience, first am was very embracing and didn't ready to talk with me about sex and try to avoid those types of talks. But I never gave up the effort and slowly she shows interest in it and reciprocates with me. Slowly I developed a good rapport with her and her too very open to me and revealing her sexual encounter with her late husband.We spent our day time mostly in surfing net or some dirty talk. Slowly I revealed our fantasy about her and want to have sex with her. First she is shocked and afraid about the consequences, but sekar and I convinced her and she half heartedly accepted our fantasy.We never show any hurry to get her to our bed we leave the things in their own speed and allow her enough time to decide how to carry out this things. But we never hide our fantasy in front of her so sekar always wears his usual woman's inns in home, first she is very shy by seeing this but she never show any disrespect to this and accept it as it is.Slowly the things started to develop from one phase to another now, we sat together and enjoy porn movies and discussed about the actions and the positions. Often I put lesbian movies and threesome movies whenever she watched this type of movies she is nerves and often went to bath room. One day as usual while we watching the porn movie she ready to leave for bath room but I suddenly stopped her and "Don't worry if you want to relive your self do it here we never bother about it so don't be shy and discomfort, it will hurt us”. I said.First she is very rigid but started to melt slowly, to give her company and make her comfort we too started to masturbate while we seeing the movie. One thing leads to other, over a period of time she ready for everything.I slowly started to un dressed her and sekar is already in nude and he undressed me. Now three of us are in naked and enjoyed the movie. I just stared at her God she is beautiful, sex in her shape. Her breast are hanging and swaying, her nipples are erect and looks like a rock and she has huge, saucer shaped areola around her both breasts. It attracts me, she has an ample hip and ass and her thighs are in cream color and invite me to suck them. Her pussy hairs are neatly trimmed and she has patch of curly thick black hairs on her mound. It contrasts her body color and her pussy is wet and has bulgy and live outer lips. God I last my self and sekar have rock like erection and he too in insatiable lust over her.Slowly I hug her from the front and give my ever first kiss to a real female, she too respond it with a huge moan and started to tighten the grip. Sekar come behind her and he to start hugs her and kisses her back, and her shoulder and all over her back. She couldn't withstand this double assault and screamed with wild lust. I still explore her mouth and drink her juice from her mouth, while sekar will bend over her body and kiss and lick, suck her ass, inner thighs he travel up to her feet and started to lick and suck her foot. This will make her wriggled and she gave long breath and moans and screams often. Our breath will become erotic and I smelled her neck and brushed her long black hair to smell behind her ear. "God, mmm, it is nice”, I breathed hotly."God, sabi, she is ever wet!" he panted."Well, sekar, if you think she smelled great, you’ll love how she tastes," I groaned as I suck her breasts all way into my mouth. With that sekar incentive I brought his fingers to my lips to taste her juices."Sekar, she does taste great!" I exclaimed.” if you don't mind, aunty, I think I'd like to get a fuller taste of your sweet pussy".Aunty gave great moan and she groaned and hissed me "Mmm, please do it, let me have your service, Mmmm, please go for It.” she moaned and groaned continually.Sekar and I slowly move aunty to our king size bed and make lay down on her back. God is looks like an angel, Sekar slowly switched over his place to her breasts and I sat on bed between her legs and licked her bald, swollen cunt lips from one end to the other, then stuck my tongue between them. I kept darting it in and out and all around, and she was just going insane with lust. I fucked her with my tongue like a mini-penis. By fucking her with my tongue I too get horny and a few more minutes and I know I would be exploding in orgasm, only by fucking and sucking her cunt. "Oh, God, Mmm, I love this, just love this”, and want to get explode with her so I speed up my licks and started to suck her lips and darting her pink clit with wild lust.Aunty begged sekar "squeeze my tits, sekar1" she screamed and sekar do it with full lust and he suck her nipples like a baby."Oh, God, Sabi, yeah, give me more, lick me, God, please suck me, yeah there, there, please lick me, God, make me come, Mmm. Aunty grunted.It makes me wild and I rub her clit with my tongue and suck her pussy, both will leak our honey like a stream and we reached our peak, so both will twisted our body and she screamed, "Fuck me hard!, Oh God! I love this! Harder baby!" she grunted.Sekar placed aunt’s body over his lap and grabbed hold go her quivering melons, covering her large black nipples with his hands.Again she screamed” Squeeze my tits, sekar, Oh god, oh yeah, I'm coming!"She gave loud groan and shivered."Oh shit, me too!” I panted, and held on her and pushed my slick pussy back upon her body. Are groaned, moaned and screamed, I sure we would wake the neighbors. We hugged very tightly and twisted our body to have more and more intimacy.It took us a while to stop shaking with post orgasmic bliss.Once we slowly recovered from our haven I search for Sekar and he is jerking his dic with lust, I slowly turn over to him and gave his dick in my mouth and started to sucking slowly on his long thick cock licking his big balls and devouring him. I was enjoying myself. Soon aunty too joined with this party and she gave him a wonderful lick and suck. We both suck and lick his cock with lust after a while he started coming without warning, and I swallowed as much as I could and shared it with aunty, she to love this and we French kissed and share his juice. We both licking him clean and enjoying every last drop.This experience really changed our sex life. And now whenever we want sex with each other we don't have any hesitation and all we enjoyed our life with its full glory.Sabitha and Amaravathi aunty will enjoy their day life with 69 and with some strap on things.

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Hello friends I, AMIT and back with another story about my sister and me on our journey in the train , I have a younger sister who is really hot and i would like to tell this story to everyone ,this incident happened few months ago , my family was on a trip to north India , my mom and dad went to another place and left me and my sister in Delhi for two more days as we loved roaming around Delhi , we were supposed to go to Varanasi next day as our relatives lived there , we had to go by train alone as my parents had already reached there ,this was the first time we were traveling alone by train for such a long distance and were excited about it , we booked general tickets as we could not get reservation so late , this on the day of departure we reached the station , we were expecting some rush as it was evening time it was an express train ,I was wearing regular shirt and pants and my sister was wearing a black top and loose capri as jeans were uncomfortable for a long distance of 10 hours , our train reached the platform at 7 30 pm , we were surprised to see the rush inside the train people and crammed inside , we had no alternative but to take it as we had to reach there at any cost , we were pushed inside by the crowd , i dropped my bag while climbing and had to wait for everyone to get in and i finally managed to get inside the train almost hanging outside the door , it was the general class filled with mostly workers and laborers in their dirty clothes and stinking smell , almost all the passengers were male and hardly any female presence was felt around , not till i remembered my sister who was crammed up right in the middle of the boogie , forget a seat an inch of space to stand was barely available for her , she was stuck between three huge men and the language which was blocking the light from the tubes ,the train was moving and so did i to reach to my sister , she was constantly looking out to search for me but could not see me , but i could see her but not move towards her , I was being pushed away by men around me , she was looking helpless and stuck , she was catching a person on his shoulders while being pushed around , for many men it was arousing to see a young helpless girl surrounded by men , I wad dreading it but it was happening , I could see hands crawling on her back and legs , where ever she moved there she was being touched , who would not try having some fun , she was scared , a man next to her turned around squeezing her boobs and facing her his hands directly touching her boobs , the hands behind got bolder and started moving around and down slowly , a guys in his 30s pulled her top up from behind lifting it slowly till her bra straps were visible , people seated around her watched the fun , after all she wants their sister , I could not watch it , but I was helpless , I could not move forward or ask for help ,everyone watched the fun as he put his fingers down her loose pants exposing her ink panties , a saw a man rubbing his dick at the sight of her panties , slowly they grew in confidence and started molesting her lifting her top up , she tried to catch his hands but instead a man caught her hands and asked her not n to scream , he threatened her and she was completely scared now , assuming she could not do or say anything it was party time for the men around her five men surrounding her started taking their chances , a man pulled her top up , her white bra and white cleavage was facing a hundred hungry eyes , not wasting time her pants were down and even her panties till her knees, around 7 hands were on her body , taking turns to touch her privates , she started crying and the were laughing her 32b round boobs were being pinches ,cupped and pressed by two hands , her ass was being enjoyed by two and many fingers were trying to enter her pussy , she was now naked and on their mercy being molested in a moving trains , these dirty people were enjoying her body ,a guy was kissing her and another was licking her boobs while another pulled his dick out and made her catch it , her cunt was being fingered violently as she moved from side to side , people near her blocked others view and heads were turning around people were enjoying my sister as slut in the train , her grouping did not stop , a person then made her go low and forced her to suck his dick resisted but another pinched her pinkish nipples , she open her mouth to screamed but only to get a dick inside it , she was sucking the dick in no time , many guys fought over her to take her vagina , a tall man took his dick and inserted and pushes it inside and began throbbing her , and the fucking continued for five minute till the guy whose dick she was sucking cummed in her mouth leaving her mouth full of semen , he made her swallow it , poor sister was now being raped ,The fucking stopped as the train halted at a station it was two hours inside , but soon the train left and the fucking continues with fresh dicks in her mouth and pussy , her hair was messed up her face was full of tears and cum and her boobs had become red and still hands were moving on and her waist was caught by the man who was fucking her pussy , another change of men , when she almost collapsed when he cummend inside her , before the next man could start i jumped on a seat where i finally found some space and reached for her , a man pushed me , but i managed to catch her hand , and pull her away, , people saw us running throw the crowd , she pulled her pant up and top down , but the touching did not stop , men touched her and tried to block us , i got some blows but still continued on the was some one caught her top and pulled it hard , tearing it on the back side , but we continued to move on , she stood near the toilet , where 3 ladies were standing away from the mad crowd , we waited for the next stop to get off and switch into the reservation boogies, we did just that at the next stop , this is how i managed to save my sister from being completely ravaged in the train

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read jamie

Hi friends this is the my first story in a porn site .i am narrating my true life story for the demand of my boyfriend mr. Rajesh ji and i call him my master .i think u all will b enjoy by reading my this story. I am moupriya 28years old i am fair complexion a bengali housewife .but very modern broad minded and very friendly. With long hair 5.6’’feet tall. My figure is 38 36 40 my hubby and all guys tale me i look very hot and sexy. My hubby is 32 years old 5.8’’feet tall and whitish complexion and he look very chocolaty type. We stay at bangalore near it sector. We like to chat with aged people. We married last 4years ago, and in our honeymoon we went to the goa for a week. There we enjoy a lots and on the 2nd day we was having a great sex at night and he was banging me very hardly so i was shouting in pleasure and suddenly i don’t know what happened to manoj he came near to my ear and he told me lets us try for a group sex.I want u to share with man in bed. I get very much surprise and shocked then i say him shut up don’t talk like a foolish .manoj told me i am not joking baby i am very serious are you interested he ask me. I stay quite but i fell so horny, surprising, shocking and also very curious and i ask him are u sure? Manoj reply yes .then i ask him with whom u want me to share? He replies u say what type of man u like? I reply he should be of at least 40 plus old very manly who have the power to make girls to dance on his fingerer. And he must be strong wild angry dominating. Manoj say ok no problem. I ask him do u know anybody like this type. He replies no i ask him then how will we do? He reply don’t worry we will find him .and then we sleep.Next day morning we wake up and have our tea in the hotel room then we went to the beech i wear a half pant and a t-shirt and he also wears a half pant and a t-shirt. Then we was joking and chatting between us .we feel hungry so we went to a dhaba to have some food. We was having our food and suddenly manoj told me to look next to our table there i saw a man of 50age he was wearing a very simple white shirt and a denim blue jeans. He was very tall and stroud physic who look very strong hansom and he looks very sexy man. From his eyes. Manoj ask me do u like this man. I reply yes ok. Then he asks me do u think he is a sexy man? I reply yes 100%he is a dam sexy man. Manoj ask me so would u like him to add with us in bed for a 3sum sex. I feel nervous and i was thinking i don’t know what i should say. I stay keep quite and i gave a small smile and manoj understand what i want.Manoj move to his table and he ask to that person do u stay in goa? He replies yes but it is 100km away from goa. That man was not look at us and he reply yes .y? Then manoj ask him can we join with u in the table? He look at me and he say ok. Then manoj ask him what’s your name? He reply rajesh. Manoj told him and she is my wife moupriya. He says ok. Then manoj ask him what do u do? He reply i am a x-bregeder armyman.i say ok and then slowly slowly rajesh and manoj was start discussing between them self .but i was notice that yes he is the 1st person whose eyes r looking so naughtyrious but he was not giving me any importance to me which attract me most. Our food came and we completed and manoj pay the table bill including rajesh rajesh gave me his visiting card and he told us if u need any type of help then just give me a call. We say ok and then manoj also gave his number to rajesh.after that we left the dhaba and we went to our hotel manoj ask me how do u like him? I reply “in 1word he is a real sexy man.he hav the power to attract any lady in ths world”Manoj say ok then again we will meet with him at 5pm ok? I ask to manoj how? He reply we will call him. I say ok and manoj called him. He receives the ph and reply hello. Manoj ask mr. Rajesh what are you doing at evening he reply nothing. Manoj ask can we meet at 5pm he reply not at 5 pm but we can meet at the same dhaba. Then evening we went to the beech and we meet with mr4 rajesh again we start chatting so many things slowly slowly he was also start chatting with me which i feel so nice. We all get so friendly .and next evening he invite us at his home{banglo}. So we was so exited and we was feeling bit afraid also. And i was planning what to wear so i will look so hot and sexy .manoj told me to wear a baby pink saree and a backless sleeveless and deep neck blouse and manoj wear a black shirt and a blue jeans and we was getting ready .Our bell rang and manoj open the door and he saw a waiter came to our room and he say. Sir nichama aaplogoka lia kohi rajesh ji naamka kisina gaari bhaja hay.manoj say him ok tale him to wait for 10min we r coming . Manoj close the door and he hug me and smooch me. We was start feeling more exited. After that we came down and we saw a ford icon and his driver waiting for us he welcome us and took us to rajesh banglo. We reach to his banglo that was super. When we reach there we saw he was swimming in his swimming pool. He came out and he welcomes us. Then we start gossiping in different topics slowly manoj turn that to sexual discussion. Rajesh offer us for drink we start drinking and get more friendly and we start discussing more openly.thn monoj told let us go and gossip at our room so we all shift to his dining room.thr we was gossiping and rajesh ask us would we like to watch some bf ? So rajesh reply ya plz we both love to watch bf .so rajesh took out some good collection of bf and we start watching and enjoying and i was start feeling so much horny. Suddenly i saw rajesh was touching his leg with my leg .and i was feeling more horny.Then on that time in bf there was a scene was going of strip dance so rajesh ask manoj do u like strip dance manoj told ya i love to watch that and he also told to rajesh that my wife is a great dancer some time she show me strip dance also. After listening this rajesh came close to me and he ask to manoj that will u mind if i told moupriya to show us a dance. Manoj reply no don’t worry we r not like that we r very frank and friendly. But i was feeling so horny and rajesh was crushing my thigh and he told us plz can u show some dance to us ? I reply him look i don’t like using this plz and all those request men’s. Should always order the girl. And girls should request men’s. So rajesh on that moment only he reply yes thts right and i like ur choice and order me to stand and show some attractive dance to us .manoj also told.thn rajesh on a song called {biri jalayla jigarma sa piya jigarma aagh laaga hay}and then i start dance on that song. They was drinking. Manoj pull my pallu of my saree and he told that in this song the girl was wearing only a ghangra so y i am wearing saree? And he open that and i was getting out of control. Thy both was watching me.After completing tht song rajesh ask me so u like to be ordered by me? I told him yes .then he told us lets play a game we say what he say for tonight i am the master of both of u and u both will do wht i will order u both .suddenly manoj reply yes it’s a great game ok no problem . Rajesh told me to come and sit in my lap . I get shy then he told me this is my order and i sat on his lap . By sitting on his lap he told me to make 3 peg for us and i can feel from the down his penis was getting so hard. After when we was drinking he order me me show a lap dance on his lap. Again i have dance then manoj ask to rajesh master how ur liking my wife he reply she is so sexy. Manoj say to rajesh ask her to show some brikny dance . She dance so well then rajesh told me come on baby now show us a brikny dance . I was feeling so shy i told no i cant manoj told me y not u show me many times so y not now? I reply im getting shame then rajesh shout at me very angrily which i feel so manly and i get melted and told me come-on show us first and i was already feeling so sexy i say him ok .and i start dancing while dancing sloly sloly i open my housecoat and blouse .and i was only in a pink colour bra and a panty. Manoj was almost out so he was not understanding clearly wht was acctualy going on.Rajesh again order me to make 2 pegs 1for manoj and 1 for him. I did that. But i was already start feeling so nice. Then after dancing for 5 min rajesh order me to suck manoj penis .then i came close to manoj and start sucking manoj penis lik a hungry bitch .which is 5inch. From back rajesh was touching my back my shoulder am ass with his feet fingered i was totally feeling out of control. And then suddenly without saying anything he came to me and open my bra hoop from the back and he start pressing my boobs he remove my bra and then he again order me to open my panty and to show him a dance i again dance for him then he order me to sit in the floor and show him how i do fingering i feel shame but i was enjoying i did that .then again he order me to come and suck my cock i came to him i open his pant and i was so surprise to see his penis it was more then 6 inch it was like a horse i was never seen any penis in real life like that. I suck him for 10 min then he ask me do u like to be fucked by my this 7inch penis?I reply yes then he told me ok beg to me for fucked i start begging him please fuck me master i wanted to be fucked i told this 15 time then he told me ok i will fuck u but on the same time u have to suck your hubby penis and i will give u slang i agree ok master no problem. Then rajesh told ok bitch so u go and start sucking your hubby penis and stand in doggy position i did that. Manoj was totally out on that time and he put his 7inch penis to my small pussy i shout aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa he reply don’t shout otherwise i will not fuck u i say ok i will not shout plz now fuck me then again he fuck me and i was sucking my hubby penis with pleadgure i was talking him master plzzzzzzzzzz fuck me moreeeeeeeee i want moreeeeee.thn manoj wake up and rajesh ask to manoj ha manoj do u lik ths he reply yes fuck her. Then rajesh told to manoj do u also want to fuck her he say yes then manoj start fucked me and i was sucking rajesh penis. Manoj sperm came out and then rajesh told to manoj ok now u go to next room we r also coming then manoj went to that room and rajesh again told me to lie down then he start biting my boobs with his teeth so hardly i was start mooning ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ummmmmmmmmm oooooooooooooo i love thsssssssss ummm more harderrrrrrrr plz do it more harder thn he again start fucking me and when he understand his sperm is going to come then he told me now suck my penis u blady bitch suck it and he came to my mouth and he order me to swallow that .After gossiping with him i was planning to have it 1ce more so i told him master can u fuck me now 1ce more plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzThen rajesh order me again to wear me the saree and slowly slowly to open my all cloths and show him some necked dance show. And rajesh will record that in his video cam then if he feel nice then only he will fuck me again. I agree that so i wake up quickly and start get ready with my makeup’s and i start dancing and rajesh was recording that .then when i get necked he told me to suck his penis he was also recording that then he told me now come to balcony over there he will fuck me.1st i say no then he came close to me and he put his 1 figure inside of my pussy and told me if u want to b fucked then i will fuck u only at balcony. I told him but then others can c us he told me so what come he hold me such a way i was unable to tale him anything and i get agree then we came to balcony over there i was necked but he was wearing a lungi and he hold me from back and he start figuring me in my ass and pusy he put his penis in my pussy and he fuck for 15 min then he told me now i want to fuck your this sexy big ass hole u bitchy slave i say no that will be so pain full he say shut up ur my slave and this is ur duty to always u have to make satisfy to ur master.From now onwards whatever i will tale u u have to do tht otherwise i will show ur necked dance to everybody which u have done just now i say no thn he make me in dogy position and he fuck from my ass i was shouting aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa noooooooooooooooooooo ufffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and he was slapping at my ass so hardly and pinching my bress so wildly. I was feeling im in the heaven. After that he told me again suck me .i suck him and he came to my mouth and he told me always u hav to swallow my sperm whenever it will come to ur mouth so i solo that . Then he told me now u wait here only im going to call ur husband and he went back and he close the door of balcony from his side i was tailing him to open the door but he told me no u stay there only .thn from 2am to 6.30 am he lock me in balcony and i was tailing him now please open the door others will c me. He told me ok u have to do masturbation in the balcony only then i will open that door i did tht and he was again recording those with his cam after 20 min he open the door and then again he told me to suck his penis and solo his sperm then after all these we came to the bed room and i saw there manoj was sleeping nakedly then i sleep in the middle and in left rajesh and in right manoj was sleep .At 9.30am i feel manoj was fingering me at my pussy and he ask me how have u enjoy last night? I reply very much ,i have never ever enjoy like this before. Then rajesh also wake up and he told us u2 are really so good couple i really like both of u. Then i smooch both of them and manoj told me ok thn now suck both of hs penis and masturbate us. And then again i deed that and thy both came to my mouth. We all wake up at 10am we all wake up and we all 3 went to the toilet over there we all was taking our bath, rajesh told us lets open the window manoj say y window? I was also don’t want to open that but rajesh pinch in my ass and i understand he want to expose me again and i only went to the window and i open the window. We was having our shower later i saw a man was looking at us with binocular .manoj say rajesh look somebody is watching us. He reply i know for thts why only i open the window. We get surprise and we complete our bath and we came out.We went to the roof where we was having our breakfast there rajesh told us y ur staying in the hotel? Lets manoj to go with my car and check from hotel u can stay here no problem manoj say ok we also have no prob. We all went down and rajesh call his driver and he told ‘saab ji ko hotel ma laka jaow auk unlo waha say checkout karka lana.aur raat kalia humlogoka purani illaka sa kuch scotch whiskey aur memsaab ka lia vodka laka aaow.’’he told manoj to get ready i say i will also go. Rajesh look at me and so naughtily he told me no my sexy slave u will stay with me.manoj say u naughty man y what will u do with my wife he reply very seriously actually im alone here so if she stay here then she can give me company.manoj say ok no prob moupriya u stay with ur master .i will be back within 5pm coz it is already more than 100km away and we have to some drinks also so.manoj give me a kiss and he went .rajesh again call at his driver ph and he told ki suno dhira dhira gari drive karma aur late sa aana .i understand when he send only manoj there and he told his driver to come late it mean he have some naughty plan on his brain.Then we came to a bedroom and he on the a.c in full speed we lie down in the bed and we was gossiping. Rajesh suddenly ask me do u like 3sum?i get shook and i reply ya. He ask me have u ever done lik this before i reply no. Then he ask me what i have done with u last night have u enjoy that? I reply ya very much. He ask me do u like when we was taking our shower then i open the window and that man was looking at us? I reply not so much but ok bcoz u liked that so and a good slave responsibility is this to always make happy to her master. He laughs at me and he ask me do u need more? I just keep quite and i just gave him a smile he understand. He told me ok now do 1 thing i ask what? He replies go and open the window of this room. I say ok and i open that i saw that same man was standing at the balcony .from there he can look our room very clearly. I ask him what is ur plan master? He look at me very angrily and he reply shut ur mouth u r my personal prostitute slave so u just keep quite and do what im tailing u to do. I keep quite but again i start feeling very horny. Rajesh told me now u have to show me a necked dance again and i will close ur eyes. I say ok. Rajesh told me come to me i came to him and from there i saw that man who was watching from balcony he was not there he left out so i feel bit normal .Rajesh hold me from back and he take out a handkerchief tied that in my eyes. Then he holds my right hand and took me to another room. Rajesh on his tape recorder and he order me now u dance for me u my naughty slave today i will make u a my real prostitute bitch slave so ru ready for that my fucking slave?. I reply yes i am ready my master im eager to be ur real prostitute bitch slave. I start dance first normally then he pull me saree open that. After 2min i open my petticoat i remove my blouse also then i was dancing .then again after some time he came back to me hold me tightly and dancing with me and pressing my boobs so hardly then he remove my bra and pull down my panty. Start fingering in my pussy which is totally wet with my pussy juice .again he hold my hand pull me to his bed .i lie down there .he lie on me stretch my hand and tied my both hand two corner of the bed i asked him yr u tiding my hands ? He gave me a tite slap in my face and he don’t reply anything.He stretch my 2 legs and he also tied that. After that i don’t know where he gone for minimum 10min.i was thinking very sexy and i was also feeling so nice what he was doing. After few time i found he came to me and he is putting some child cold cream in my boob’s nipple navel pussy. He start licking my neck shoulder boobs nipple .i was feeling so nice i was replying aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ufffffffffffffff aaaaaaaaaa i told him master plz bite harder my boobsssssssssssss. He start biting those i was feeling im in the heaven i was just moaning ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck meeeeeeeee master lik a bitchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh he came down to me and start licking my navel i was feeling so good. Then he start sucking my jussy pussy.he put his 3 figure inside my pussy and he was sucking upside. I was shouting with pleadgure . Thn again he came on me start licking my lips neck ear biting my boobs and he start fucking me his penis was lik a hot road which was going inside me and making me more sexy he fuck me lik tht for 15 to 20 min then he open my hand and my feet .he make me sit in doggy style and he was fucking me for so long.I was tiling me fuck me more.uuuuuuuuuffffffffffff aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa come onnnnnnnnnnnnn fuck meeeeee.plz give me ur penis to my mouth i want to suck ur iron roaddd ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ya ya ya ya fuck me. Suddenly i found he was fucking me from my back and 1 another penis came to my mouth i pull the handkerchief from my eyes and i saw rajesh is standing in front of me with a half pant and a t-shirt and his penis is out which i was sucking and from my back the another man who was watching us with binocular he is fucking me .i feel very shy and i also get very angry .but i don’t know y i don’t react and i permit them to continue that thy was doing with me. They both then fuck like anything and both came in to my mouth…rajesh told me now ur my real fucking slave. I love to fuck housewives and i also lik to watch those wife to be fucked by others in front of me. I also like 3sumsex lik what. We did. Then i reply yes master i have also start liking ur ideas and from now onward im ur slave i will always obey ur words. I will always do what u lik? Then that man gave me 1000/=rupees and told me this is ur 1st income. And he wears his dress and he went out.Mr rajesh ask me do u know swimming? I reply him yes master swimming, dancing , playing basketball is my hobby. He say ok that’s nice.weare ur bra and panty we will go to our garden swimming pool to swim i say wowwww that’s great and we went to the pool. We jump in the water and we was swimming again rajesh told me open ur bra i say not here plz he say no ths is my order open ur bra and panty right now.i say him plz not here look next to our garden wall there are some building they can c me.he reply i want that only i love to watch so come on open ur bra and panty first or eles he will open my bra and panty and he will make me naked dance in the garden so i say ok and i bra and my panty again i get necked he say now give me ur bra and panty.i gave him he took those and he through those out of the pool.thn te told me now u i was alone in the pool.After 10 /15min i saw rajesh again came to me with his videocam and he was recording my swimming in the pool. Again he jump in the pool and told me to suck his penis i did that and as u saul he came in my mouth and i solo that then we both came out of the pool but i was totally necked .and he was wearing a half pant. We came inside the room .i told rajesh master can we have a bath in bathroom he say yes .so we went to the bath room and we was having our shower in bathtub ..and i don’t know y i was start liking his all ideas. He was pressing my boobssssssssss in the bathtub and suddenly i saw manoj and his driver came and they open the door they both saw me and rajesh was having bath .rajesh told his driver.’’sab kam ho gaya he reply ha saab’’and he went away and manoj also open his cloths and he join with us. Rajesh ask manoj saab kam ho gaya he reply ha.manoj ask him what have u done so lone with my wife he reply 1st we was gossiping then we had a sex and now we r having our shower .manoj say ok.We complete our bath we dressed ourselves and his driver gave us lunch. We all have that and start gossiping. I asked rajesh ji yaha kohi acha disco theque nahi hay?he reply ya it is do u want to go there? I say yes plzzzz .he reply only 1 condition i will take u there .manoj ask what condition rajesh reply again u have to play the game which we played last night i am ur master and u 2 r my slave u will lessen to me manoj laugh and he reply ok no prob malik.then we decide at evening we will go there. We all complete our lunch we went to sleep. Again rajesh told u will sleep between us i reply thik hay maalik jo aap ka hokum.he reply u will sleep between us and u will not wear anything u have to be necked i say ok no prob i open my nights and came between rajesh manoj. And we sleep.Evening we all wake up and we was getting ready rajesh gave me a micromini skirt and a very deep neck sleeveless top from there my boobs can c very clearly. Rajesh wear a red t-shirt and a jeans and manoj wear a black t-shirt and a jeans .we went for the party in car .i and manoj sit at the back and rajesh was driving it was 40 km away so it took a hour .we reach there and i saw loud music different colors of lights many people are dancing drinking enjoying them self. We also went to the dancing floor and we start dance there we took some takila.again we came to the dancing floor .i saw a man was always trying to come close to me. Rajesh also saw that and he told manoj look that man is trying to come close to ur wife manoj reply u gave him to wear so sexy dress everybody will try to come close to her. Rajesh ask manoj do u lik to expose ur wife to others he reply yes very much.Rajesh say that’s good .and rajesh came close to me and he order me ha u my sexy slave ur ass is lovely this man is trying to touch .so u open ur panty now. I get shock and look at him he say open i say now he say yes .i look at manoj he also say ok open .so i open my panty that man was saw that .and he also came near to me and he start touch my ass inside my skirt i was feeling so sexyyyyyyyy then that man hold me from back and he put his fingering inside my pusy. He told me wow it is totally clean and so soft i like it babyyyyyyyyyyyy. I was also enjoyed that. I look back i saw rajesh manoj was sitting in the bar counter thy was sitting there and drinking some drinks and watching at me.after 30min they came back to me and told me lets go now so we came out went to the car .rajesh gave me my panty and he told manoj to drive the car and me to open the top and skirt. I feel very exited without any hesitation i remove my top and skirt .i was in only bra and panty. We came back to the banglo.We again have a great 3sum sex at night they both fuck me lik anything . Rajesh was record everything of us. At morning at 5 we went to sleep coz on that day at4pm we have our ticket for bangalore’s .we wake up we hav our food all together and thn me and manoj get ready rajesh also came to leave us at airport .he left us before going i again came to him i hug him tightly and i smootch him .i told him master i love u.i will be ur slave for my whole life when ever u want u will come to our place.and u can also call me to ur place to fuck me more and more and more….i want to be fucked by u moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .but next time with some new and more naughty ideas.

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rrrrrr sex

Hi,PG fans I'm sandip student of final year I want to share my first experience with all you is a true incident not a fiction. I stay with my family in hyderabad in a building which has only 8 apartments. It is a double storey building at ground floor we park our vehicles. Our watchman aslo stay at ground floor with his wife. Our watchman's name is nazeer andhis wife's name is salma. Nazeer is in his mid 30's but salma is harldy about 19 yrs old.she got married to nazeer some 2 yrs ago.some 8 months ago salma delivered a baby.salma and nazeer stay in only one room which is very close to our stair case and the room has got its ventilation opened at the staircase. Once I came late in night at around 11 PM by that time the gate was closed.
I shouted for Nazeer to open the gate nearly after one minute nazeer came and opened the gate and ssaid "main so gaya tha"then he locked the gate and went back to his room .after parking my bike when I was going back to our flat suddenly my eyes went through the ventilation into nazeer's room what I saw was nazeer was fucking salma he lifted salma's nighty upto her waist and was giving strokes after a few seconds he did cum.but salma's intentions was to have more. After that night I started to come late in nights and started to peep in nazeer's room through the ventilatio I found that nazeer would fuck salma twice or thrice a week and style would be same.he would just lift salma's nighty upto her waist and after giving some strokes he cumms.sevaral days passed like this only. One Saturday morning I had to take bath .but water was not coming I asked my mother"mummy paani kyun nahin AA raha hai"she replied"nazeer se pooch ke usne tank mein paani bhara ke nahin"at that time I was wearing only my shorts and banyan and nothing under my shorts.

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I went to nazeer's room there I found salma alone . She was sweeping her room she was wearing a nighty she was bent and I could see her lovely breasts moving right and left as she was sweeping hard my dick was standing rock hard suddenly she saw me and said"kya baat hai" I replied"paani nahin AA raha hai nazeer kahan hai "she told"unke abba bahot beemaar hain who unhi ko dekhne gaye hain aur main tank bharna bhool gayi"she told me to stay there cos the switch is too high to her again she started sweeping I was staring at her boobs it was looking marvellous . I thought nazeer is a fool he suck salma's nipples never squeezed such lovely pair of boobs.salma realized that her breasts r visible to me but she didn't mind it now I was getting out of control she came near to me told me "yahan jhaadu dena hai "
I moved a little again she started sweeping now as she close to me I could see her nipples also. She saw me staring at her breasts and smiled she also realised the under my shorts. She told me to come with her to open the switch of the pump she took out a chair and stood on it and told me to hold the chair as it is broken.I held the chair from front I was standing too close so that my dick was touching her thighs I rubbed it to her thighs but with in no time she opened the switch and came down .I knew that she felt my dick.she was smiling suddenly I heard shouts of my mother"kya hua kya kar raha hai wahan"I ran to my flat.the whole day I was thinking to fuck salma. At night I came late and as I thought the gate was closed I called salma to open the gate .she came with keys in her hand whent she bent to open the gate her gorgeous boobs were fully exposed to me cos her buttons were open .I thought she was feeding her baby I could even see her brown nipples under my bike's headlight. She to noticed it.when iwas parking my bike she told me"main tumhara hi intezaar kar rahi thi kamre mein bulb lagaana hai aur mera haath nahi phunch raha hai". I said ok and stood on chair and told her "kursi ko samne aakar pakdo"she was standing in a position that my dick was toucing her breasts I asked her "kareeb aakar pakdo"she came close now I was pressing my dick against her boobs"nearly after 2 minutes iasked her"switch kholo bulb laga diya hai"she opened the the light her boobs were partly exposed to me as rhe buttons were open I was staring at her with a bulge in my pant I was getting close to her I grabbed her she was not saying a single word . She was breathing heavily.I told that"salma tum mujhe bahut achchi lagti ho aur main tum ko kaise chod te hain aaj dikhaaoonga Maine nazeer ko kayi baar tum ko chod te hue dekha hai aur main jaanta hoon ke who tumhari khwahishon ko pura nahin karta hai.she replied" main bahot pyaasi hoon meri pyaas bujhao.I started sucking her juicy lips she was getting hotter then i licked her tounge with mine .

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She was doing all this things first time.then i sucked her tounge.then i came to her boobs i took them out of her nighty and started squeezzing one boob with my hand and sucked her nipple.she was moaning ooooohaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaihaaa aaahaaaah then i removed her nighty now her breast were in front of me and she was standig onlu her petty coat.she i raised her hands her armpits were hairy and i licked it it was smelling sexy. then i removed my clothes and she was surprised to seemy cock and said"bahot bada hai"in her sexy voice.i un did her petty coat and went to her hairy pussy and started licking it . she was amazed by this act and"aisa bhi krte hain kya"i said"aisa karne se bahot mazaa aata hai".by that time she was moaning loudly aaaaaaaaaaaah ooooooooohaaaaah aaaaah ahhh . i told her to suck my dick first she hesitsted and then tok it in her mouth i asked to suck it like a ice cream. then i asked her to stretch her legs and insterted my dick .we were flying on heaven .her juics were coming out but i was still on .then after a minute i too cum on her belly then i sucked her lips and worn myclothes said her good bye and went to my flat.

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Hello readers, I want to share my sexual experience. My name is Harry and presently I am 24 yrs old. I live in day my g.f call me n say me her mom was go to nani maa house with her sister SHIPU due to some imp. work.And her father on business purpose for two weeks. So at home were Priyanka and her friend Payal.i planned to meet my g.f to her home.When i reached my g.f's place,i found thr jst priyanka n payal....Priyanka was 20 yrs old.Priyanka was stunning. She was tall and fair and had a very attractive figure. Her friend (19 yrs) was also beautiful.The initial two days were of great fun.Now I, Priyanka And Payal were the only ones in the house.I went to Priyanka's bedroom and switched on the TV and started watching it. After fifteen minutes,Priyanka and Payal came to the room.Payal sat very close to me on the bed and Priyanka said that she was going to take a bath.Priyanka took her clothes from the Almirah and went inside the bathroom.payal wears a jeans n shirt. Suddenly she changed cloths front of me.her body is so good.she wears capri n long neack t-shirt... My goodness, what a breast she had. Perfect round cups and the nipple being clearly visible owing to the translucent bra that she was wearing. The bra was a low cut one and a large portion of her cleavage was exposed. I had a sudden hard on.she came near to me. we talk bit.She exposed her breast completely due to loose long neack t-shirt.She had a milky breast and the nipple was in perfect contrast to it. It was of perfect black color and the circumference was too large. It almost occupied her half breast.My cock was rock hard in my underwear and I was feeling the pain as my monster tried to tear apart the fabric of my underwear.she was casually watching the television. But now my eyes were glued to her breast rather than to the TV.I could not control myself any longer and started rubbing my penis from the top of my pyjama. She was now in her pink capri and the black n white colored top.She then opened the Almirah and took a towel and came to the bed and sat near me. My mouth was wide open after this sexual experience. I was sweating profusely. My forehead was perspiring and she noticed it. She gave a naughty smile and asked me whether it was too hot. I nodded obediently. She said that it was okay and I would feel better once I paid a visit to the bathroom. Then I thought - "so this fire knew it all! The time and she had done everything purposefully." but I still lacked the courage to make an indecent move.She told me, " even I am feeling very hot" and saying this adjusted her capri below her navel. I was now in the process of forming a mental image of her body. Her pink colored sexy capri, her deep navel, her flat stomach, she wears black bra inside top which i see due to long neack t-shirt. her black bra imprisoning her milky breasts, her nipple which was clearly visible and her deep cleavage of which nothing was left hidden. Suddenly Priyanka came out of the bathroom and she expressed no shock or surprise on seeing her firnd sit in sexy dress.Payal went to the bathroom for fresh and as she was walking to the bathroom, I noticed her back.Her wide buttocks were protruding out from her pink capri. I now looked at Priyanka. One look at her and it sent my already rock hard cock even harder. She was wearing a silky nighty of yellow! Color. The nighty was a perfect see-through. Inside she was wearing a yellow color capri and a black bra. Her bra cups were clearly visible through her nighty.Around 5 P.M in the evening Payal said that "we play some game".priyanka said,"which game" thn play replt "KABADDI".so i said "priyanka n payal will be in one team n i in one." but Payal said that she is not feeling like playing. So Priyanka was in one team and I was in the other team.Payal sat nearby to watch the game. Firstly,Priyanka came to my side chanting "kabbadi.......". I was staring more at Priyanka's anatomy, which was all the while more visible whenever she bent. Her breasts clad by the black bra were becoming more and more visible. I caught hold of Priyanka from behind and had a good grip on her stomach. My dick was as such rock hard and I was having a difficult time holding Priyanak's stomach and con! Trolling the pain in which I was reeling. Now as Priyanka's nighty was made out of silky material, she was able to break loose my grip and get onto the other side. I then protested, "Priyanka, your nighty is made up of slippery material and that is why you escaped. You please change your nighty".Priyanka said, " now who has the time to change the nighty. I will remove it for you". Saying this, she unhooked the front of her nighty and holding the hem of her nighty pulled it above her head. My goodness, I had my tongue caught between my teeth as I looked at Priyanka who was now wearing a yellow Capri below her navel and a black bra. She was smiling naughtily and she said pointing to her clothing, “this is my bra and it is made up of cotton. My Capri is also made of the same material and now you cannot complain anything about my clothing".Payal was laughing loudly at this. Now I knew that these two were real fires and I will royally fuck them before leaving. But still! I was not able to muster the courage. I then went to their side chanting "kabbadi.....". I was not able to concentrate on the game and Priyanka would occasionally bent and expose more of her cleavage for me.Payal was all the while having a good time laughing. Next, when Priyanka came to my court, I held her tightly from behind. This time deciding not to let her go. She started struggling in my grasp. My dick was hard and it was rubbing against her ass on the fabric of her Capri and from behind, I was getting a better view of her breasts now jumping in and out of her black bra owing to her rigorous body movements. All of a sudden without any warning, she brought her hand behind and gave my dick a sudden and violent squeeze. I yelled and let her go. She reached her court and said that it was an escape at the nick of the moment. Now I understood that the sexy wanted to play dirt. Now when I went to her court, I went near her and gave her breasts a mighty squeeze. She yelled loudly ! And simultaneously started laughing.The next time Priyanka came to my court, I decided to play a little more dirty game. I caught hold of her black bra from the front and told her,” now you won't be able to get away from me this time". She winked at me and in one swift action took her hand behind, unhooked her bra and let it come off through her hands. She got back to her court bare breasted leaving the black bra in my hands. I was stunned. She was laughing voraciously along with Payal and I was looking at her breasts. Magnificent in size and shape with the same sized nipples as her friend. I took the bra to my nose and started smelling it. I noticed the size tag on her bra. It read 34.Priyanka came to my court and asked for her bra. Now it was my turn. I quickly put the bra inside my pyjama and asked her to take it if she wants it. She looked at her friend for a moment and then took my hand and placed! It on her breast. I just lost control of myself and started squeezing her boobs and fondling them. I pressed her boobs hard and started playing with her nipples. I tuned them and soon they became rock hard. Priyanka turned to Payal and said, “Payal,come to my bedroom. Tonight is party time." saying this she dragged me to her bedroom. I was still clinging onto her breast. Once inside the bedroom, she pulled the string of my pyjama and got it down. The bra was inside my underwear and so she had to pull down my underwear.She got me off my underwear. The bra was now hanging from my dick on one of its straps. With the bra hanging, she took my shaft inside her mouth and gave me a good blowjob. I cummed instantaneously and she took the entire thing in her mouth. She was still wearing her capri. I untied the knot of her capri by my teeth and had it down instantaneously. She was wearing a red colored panty. I was about to pull her panty down when she asked me to wait. She sat on the bed and laid me on her lap. Lifting my head to her nipples, she guided one of them inside me. I started sucking them as hard as I could. At that moment,Payal joined us. She came near me and asked me to help strip her. I took off her top. She was wearing a pink bra and a matching panty. I started tracing my hand on her boobs. She liked that tickling sensation. Then I went behind her and I squeezed her boobs from behind. She yelled aloud. I then came to her front and started unhooking her blouse gradually. She was moaning and biting her lips. I removed her blouse and this time she was wearing a bra with the nipple completely exposed.i unhooced her bra. n her gourgious boobs come out...I could not control on seeing this and started sucking her breasts.I started sucking harder. After about five minutes of us! seeking at one breast, I switched my attention to the next.I helped both of them remove their panties and made both of them lie on the bed. That night I really feasted myself on them. The next day the three of us took bath together and we had a great time.After tht i came back to my homeBut the memory of those days is still fresh in my mind.


Hi friends, I am youth icon(name changed) a regular reader of these fantasies. You all have shared your experiences on the group and I also would like to share my first with you all. It is not a story but a fact of my life. I am from hosur,I was in std. 11th at that time. I was very good at studies. I had a sexy biology school teacher. Her name was Mrs. Purnima. I had very good impression on her as a student. But I was very much impressed by her body specially by her boobs. They were very good & perfect in shape and size.she was newly married at that time. After few months she became pregnant. My interest in her started after seeing her in biology lab, where I got a glimpse of her cleavage. She is really a sex goddess. From that time, I masterbated many times thinking of her beauty. She used to take care of me very well, as I was very good in studies. Later, after few months, when I was in 12 th std, she left the job as it was time for her delivery. She told me to keep in touch with her. After I finished schooling, I some how wanted to see her. So, one day after almost 1 year, I went to her house. Literally, I was surprised to see her, with her baby. She had put on a bit of weight, like a typical south-Indian house wife. I chatted with her husband for sometime. She gave me a coffee. While placing coffee on the table, she bent. I couldn’t take out my eyes from her boobs. She even noticed it. But, didn’t take it seriously. I decided to fuck her somehow. So, came after few minutes of chatting. The real story starts now. Now I am doing my MBA. So, made up an idea and called her asking, there is some vacancy for biology subjects in a school. She told, as she has take care of her baby, she can’t take up job. She invited me to her house to talk further. Then I went there, she was wearing nighty, she became a bit fat. I told about it. She told you are a naughty boy, if I eat and be in house, it will be like this only, she told. Her child was playing near me, she came to give her baby a little water. As she bent, I was unable to control as two water melons were hanging infront of me. She noticed it and gave me a sexy smile. After sometime, baby slept. She chatted with me freely for sometime. Then, our topic diverted into girls and sex. She asked how are the junior girls in our school. I replied, I had visited school last week, all small girls were grown into sexy figures in 3 years time. Then, she asked, so you are enjoying with that girls? I told no madam, my dreams are entirely different. She asked what? I toldsearching for a girl someone who will be like you. She was shocked for sometime. I know, she is getting seduced. Then, to seduce further, I asked few doubts about reproductive system. She tried to clear my doubts. But, I acted innocently. Then, she was upto what I expected. She told she will explain everything practically. I was very happy. Then, she understood the situation, was really hot. She was bitting her lips."What about a kiss?" she said, and took her by her hand and pulled her towards me. We looked at each other's eyes. I was holding her by her waist and she was holding me by my neck. "But what if someone comes to know about it? Please don't tell anyone anything about our present situation." "Oh come on darling, rest assured no one will come to know anything about what we share with each other, but u r only a bit older to me, we can always satisfy each other." She kissed me on my cheeks. I kissed her on her cheeks too. She smiled. I said, "What about a lip-to-lip one?"
She felt shy. I started kissing her all over her face, cheeks, nose, eyes, forehead, ears. She was getting red in shy. I did not stop. I kept kissing her. I came down to her neck and started kissing her there. I kissed on her chest just above her breasts. Now she was holding me tight and my erect penis under my pants was poking into her inner thighs. She could obviously feel the erection, and I wanted her to feel it too. We kept kissing each other for a long time. Then she asked me to come to her bedroom. She closed the door and asked me to take my shirt off. I still had my pants on. She laid me on the bed and sat beside me. I pulled her on top of myself. She again gave a moan of shy, "Ohhhhhh ahhhhhh”.I kept kissing her with her on top of me. I slowly removed nighty and looked at her bulging boobs still cupped inside her bra. She smiled. I rolled her over and came over her. I started kissing those boobs from above the breasts. She was getting hotter and hotter and she started moaning. I took both breasts in both hands and started squeezing. She closed her eyes and pulled my head on to her breasts. Now she was in a petticoat and I still in my pants with my dick pricking hard from under my undies. I got hold of the bare breasts and started squeezing them hard. I pinched the nipples. She was enjoying it as much as I. I took one breast in my mouth and sucked on the nipple while I squeezed the other one with my hand. Then I did the same with the other one. She was moaning loudly, "Oh dear...please...I can't bear it..oh...ooooh..ah.." "I love u", I said. "I love u too, she replied." I kept pressing her huge boobs and started kissing her on her lips. She started responding by putting her tongue into my mouth. I put my tongue into her mouth too. Saliva was running from our mouths. We kept kissing each other for a long time, me all the while pressing her boobs, squeezing them, and then I again came down and sucked those erect nipples of her which were hard. I pinched them, bit them, sucked them hard. She was closing her eyes in sheer pleasure and ecstacy. She sure was enjoying it. Then I slowly started moving down and started kissing her inner thighs from above the petticoat. I gradually rolled the petticoat up and made my way up towards her love hole. She was shivering in expectation of what was to come. Now I could see the vaginal hair, it was a dark bush covering up her vagina. I placed my hand on it and it was all wet. Her juices were flowing. I squeezed the vagina and the hair on it. She shivered. I put my mouth on it and kissed her on her vagina. "Oh dear What r u doing? I have never had this pleasure before from my hubby, he never did this to me." "But I am doing." Saying this, I started licking her cunt, and she was in heaven. She kept tossing and turning on the bed, closing her eyes, and giving out moans. "Oh yes...oh this to me...please..i have never had such it...just do it, damn it." "Sure darling, I am all yours today." I kept licking and sucking at her cunt and juices flowed as if they would never come to an end. I put on finger in, and then a second, into her cunt, and it seemed a bit tight. After all, she had not had any penetration for 14 long bloody years!!! I kept fingering her love hole as I kept sucking and licking her cunt and she kept scratching my hair and pulling my head more towards her cunt. She wanted me inside her cunt, as if. I flicked my tongue on her clitoris, and she went wild. "Oh it again..oh...aaaah." I kept flicking my tongue on her clitoris and eating and chewing on it and kissing it and she went mad. "Oh it, just do it...u r mine...oh god...shit....what pleasure." Her body was shivering and she was on the verge of an orgasm, as I realised. She sat up and pulled me up. "I want to have an orgasm, but not this way. I want to come with u inside me."
"Sure darling, take ur petticoat off." "U take ur pants off too." I got up and got my pants off, and then my undie. By then she had removed her petticoat. She was sitting right in front of me on the bed, fully nude, my sweetheart, my darling. And I was standing right in front of her, nude, with my erect dick saluting her nude beauty. We looked at each other, and then we laughed. "Even at this age u look gorgeous, darling." I said. She pulled me towards her and kissed my dick. She was still sitting on the bed and I was standing with my dick right in front of her mouth. She kissed my dick for some time and then took it in her mouth. She started sucking it and masturbating it with a to and fro motion of her hands. She was trying to take it into her mouth as much as she could and shivers ran down my spine. Oh god, what a pleasure. She kept giving me a blowjob as I pulled her head on to my dick, wanting her to suck more and more. Even I was giving out moans now. "Yes..oh yes..suck it darling..suck it, it's all yours...suck it." "What a dick you got, your future wife is very lucky, she said.” "Yes indeed...but for now...just suck it's urs now." She sucked and licked along the length of the shaft and squeezed my balls. "I had never done this to my husband even...we never had oral sex." I laid her on the bed on her back and wanted to enter her. She opened her legs up, inviting me to enter. I placed my dick at the entrance of her pussy and gave a little jerk. It felt tight still. She closed her eyes..."ahhhhh. I haven't had it for 2 long years..take care." I gave another push, and it went in a bit. I gave pushes after pushes and it kept going in. She grabbed me by my neck and kissed me. She closed her eyes..."OOOOh..oh god..I love it darling...please do it..go into my hole and do it." By this time her moist vagina was well lubricated to take the whole of my dick in, and I could feel hitting the end of the canal. I started fucking her pussy first slowly, then increased my speed. I could not believe my luck, I was actually fucking my beautiful teacher, nude and naked, pumping my instrument in and out of her pussy hole, and we kept kissing each other, embracing each other with our arms, moaning and hissing. I started sucking her breasts and her nipples while I fucked her and she kept moaning in pleasure. "Oh...oh god i love u..i love u...just do it..just fuck me..fuck me harder..oh yeah...ouch..yes..oh shit..god damn it..just fuck me...fuck me to hell.." "Fuck u darling..fuck u..i love u." I realised that this way I would not be able to hold my juices long, so I asked her to come atop me and ride me. She said "Okay." We changed positions, rolling over each other, still embracing each other, holding and clinging on to each other tight. She sat on my dick and pushed her pelvis down and in it went. Now my dick was lost in her cunt ,fucking me from above. Her breasts were tossing this way and that way and that got me even harder. I pressed her on those hanging and swinging boobs of hers and she kissed me on my cheeks, my forehead, then she started sucking my lips. " much I love u..why did u take so long to do this..." "I always wanted u...i always loved u darling." "I love u too...promise that u will make me happy this way by fucking me regularly” "Sure i will fuck u...i will always fuck u..I love u too." She kept fucking and fucking me from above and then crashing down...she just had an orgasm. The pleasure in her face was something to be seen. "Oh...after such a long time, 2 years I have had this pleasure of an orgasm...just do it more to me..i want more of u...please." I pulled her down from above me and before she could realise what I was up to I put my dick into her pussy from the behind. I was now fucking her from behind and she was going ecstatic. She got hold of the pillow and started squeezing it as I pumped her from the rear. I put my arms from under her arms on to her breasts and squeezed the breasts and pinched the nipples as I stroked in and out of her pussy. And she was moaning all the time as I did this.."Oh..I have never had this sort of a pleasure hubby never did this." I felt I was going to have an orgasm but I was not ready to lose my love juices so soon. I took my dick out and asked her to suck it. She sucked. She pushed my on the bed on my back, came in betweeen my legs, and started sucking my dick. Oh god, what a pleasure. I could not believe my fucked up luck! Next we tried the 69 position, and she sucked on my dick as I licked her cunt. She came in a huge force on my face with her next orgasm and I licked her love juices flowing. "I want to fuck ur asshole", I said. "But I have never done it.. "I will apply some oil on ur asshole and on the top of my dick and it will go in..don't worry." I brought a bottle of oil from the toilet and put it on her asshole and then to my dick. She took her position. I placed myself behind her and pushed my dick in. Slowly and slowly it went in, though it was a bit painful for her initially. I started fucking her asshole, and she kept hissing and moaning. I fucked her long in her asshole, then brought my prick out. She lied down and I went on top of her and started fucking her again. Then she came atop me and started fucking me..."Ooooh...ah...ouch..oh shit...fuck me..fuck me...fuck me hard..kill me but fuck me..." She kissed me. She kissed my lips. I kept squeezing her breasts from underneath her. I wanted to suck those boobs. She placed one breast on my mouth and then the other one. I sucked her boobs as she fucked me from the top.
She again had an orgasm, the third one. Even I was finding it hard to hold on any longer and I told her I wanted to cum. final blowjob, and my she readily agreed. She sat up and started giving me a blowjob as she squeezed my balls hard. Oh god..what a pleasure. I could hold myself no longer. I came in huge volumes as my semen came out in heavy spurts and she kept sucking up all my love juices.

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Hi this is Sam again from Pune first up all many thank for all those emailed me and inform that the like my last story step by step sex with sister now I am going to tell you another incident which happed between me and my office friend Vijaya she is still working in my office soon going to get married let me tell you something about her she is good looking normal Indian girl who always ware Shalwar Qamees as she do not like jeans t-shirt I must say she long hair and nice round big boobs her ass is also very sexy. I didn’t got chance to measure her but she must be 34c-32-36 The story goes like this last year December our teams decide to arrange a New Year and x-mass party we decided the venue we decided that we will go there by two or three cars. The resort had dance club and bar. So we decided one Friday in December and the plan got final. As we decided ever gather at the decided spot and in three cars we recited to the resort. First we started dancing in the club after 50-60 minutes some of us decided to drink bear so they one or two mug of bear and they join us again after .everyone was enjoying the party. Now everyone was tired so we sat in the garden some of order some hard drink in the start some on girl complained about it but latter they allow other to drink after some time some girl from group who drink started drinking with the boys they force me to drink but as I do not drink and I was the one who was going to drive one car I did not drink the wine.

Want More Erotic Stories 4 FREE ? Click to Join our Group! Later what I saw was they force Vijaya to drink she also said no so two girl tell do not worry nothing will happened to her if she drink one glass of bear after saying no for 2-3 time she took one glass of bear watching this one boy and his girl friend decide that they will make Vijaya drink vodka today what they did was they mixed vodka with lots of lime juice in it and tell her that it is lime juice she drink in no time latter they ask her did she like to she said yes they made her drink 5-6 class of same type. Every one stared having dinner after that in some time most of us went back in car as it was 10 PM now. Only that couple one of our friend who was busy drinking and me and Vijaya was there some time latter the boy from that couple ask Vijaya to come along with him, I thought that there is something wrong so after 1-2 minutes I follow them that boy took her to one dark Conner over there he first kiss her for a minute than he started fondling her breasts as the same his GF came there as she saw what is going on she got angry she shout at him “didn’t I satisfy you why are you doing this” after this he got shock first then he answer that I am drunk that why this happened he said sorry to her. Then we decide to go home so all of us got in the car first we drop the boy who had dirked a lot now was out then on the way the boy managed to clam the girl and they decide that he will take her to his room and they will drink a little and will have fun so drop them at that boy’s room now the only think was remained to do was to drop Vijaya to her home it was almost 11 PM and she was staying a bit long from that place so we started moving to her place. I was aware that the journey will take an hour’s time so I started driving now Vijaya was seating on the co passenger’s seat due the vodka she drunk she was completely out as I took a sharp right turn she fall on me and I come to know that she didn’t wear the seat ballet she complete fall on my lap and her mouth was on my tool so stop the car so that I can help her to get back to seat that I realize that I am at a spot where there no one around and have a beautiful girl who is out. So I quickly closed all the windows then I made both the front seat flat then I checked her status and I come to know that she was not aware what is going on so first I thank god then I first gently press her boob then I tried to grab here boob but it was so big that I was not able to garb it with my one hand I had never saw a nice and round boobs like that they was beautiful than my sis then I remove her Qamees, what I had in front me was a pair of melons packed nicely in a pink color bra, so I started fondling her breasts, latter I just press the hook of the bra and it got open and the boob got free they was looking awesome, here nipple was pink in the color I pinch on the boob and two finger I started crushing her both the nipples after some time her nipple started getting hard and her boob was so soft I kept doing it for some time.

Want More Erotic Stories 4 FREE ? Click to Join our Group! Then I made her laid down then over her clothe I started massaging her pussy I did it for 4-5 minutes then I slowly remove her Shalwar now she was only her panty that day she was wearing a pink panty which was matching to her bra actually the bar and panty was a complete set in that pink panty she was looking hot then I started fingering her pussy I finger fuck her for 4-5 minutes by now she started moaning and as time pass and keep fingering her she started moaning louder now I remove here panty now Vijaya was butt naked in front of me, as I keep the good work on in no time her pussy become wet after the incident with my sis I started carrying a pack of condom with me so I quickly remove on condom from packet took a condom out of it place it on my tool. I thought for a moment what if she is virgin but latter I decide that if god has given me this opportunity why not to go for it , I keep my dick at the entrance of her pussy took a god’s name and I slowly pushed the tip of my dick in her pussy, but it wasn't entering easily. Her pussy was very tight, I applied some pressure then my dick head went in she try to shout but I keep my hand on her mouth. I hold for a second then I applied some pressure within 3-4 thrusts, my whole dick was inside her. There was no Blood in her Vagina that surprised me because she was not virgin as I thought, now I start moving in and out slowly did it for few seconds expirations on her face started changing now I was able to see that she started enjoying the act so I remove the hand from her mouth. I spared her leg in such a way that I kept her both legs on the front seat which has made flat that gave me good access in the car now slowly increased my speed She started moaning loud Ooohh! Oooohh! Hearing this I hold her waist firmly and started jerking her harder and harder after stroking her for few minutes I made her fold leg towards her stomach then I place my hand on her folded leg and started jerking her that help me to increased the speed. She was moaning and screaming like anything after I rammed for 2-3 minutes suddenly she change the position and wrap her leg around my waist and she pulled me towards her and in my ear she said you are great do you know all this was plan before.

Want More Erotic Stories 4 FREE ? Click to Join our Group! I was surprise like anything she told” now as we in the perfect position lets continue the fun, fuck me hard and fast I was dreaming about this for long time” I started fucking her again slowly I increased my speed now she was also responding with rhythm she slowly lift her waist I kept moving in and out, later I spank on her butt she moaned with pleasure “I want to keep fucking for all night” I keep fucking for another half hour then she told me that she cummed six to seven time and I at least cummed three to four time then she gave a blow job for 3-4 minutes then we both dressed up quickly as it was one in the night. Next day in office I stop when I saw Vijaya with that couple I slow try to heard what they were trying to speak Vijaya told them “last night was awesome the plan that we made worked as we thought I had best fuck of my life”