Saturday, 5 September 2009


It’s early afternoon at the quaint microbrewery in the north suburbs of Chicago. The lunch rush had long since ended and it is too early for the dinner crowd to start coming. You are not my waitress, but you are working close by, wrapping silverware in clean linen napkins. You look young, too young to be working yet. You must be in one of those school work programs where you get school credit for working, but still, you look too young even for that.

You are beautiful and I can’t keep my eyes off of you. Your dark red hair pulled up neatly in a bun shows off your long slender neck. I close my eyes just for a second so I can visualize giving tender kisses to the nape of your neck. My tongue slips through my parted lips tasting your innocent flesh in a moist trail of kisses. How I would love to suck in deeply and leave you with a lasting love bite, but no, I can leave no marks on you.

My eyes flutter open as my hand pulls at my lengthening cock under the table. Your eyes meet mine as if they had been searching me out. Your eyes look blue today, in this lighting, matching your navy work shirt and your tight jeans. A curious look crosses your face and you quickly look away. Are you uncomfortable with me staring at you, or can you see my hand pulling at my penis under the table? I unzip my fly as I decide it was only the quick glance of a stranger before the eyes move on.
I can see the lines of your bra under your shirt, but am puzzled as to why you would take such an effort. Your small chest needs no support, perhaps it is an attempt to make you feel or look older. Like your makeup, applied by an immature and unpracticed hand in an effort to appear older, in my eyes, only betrays you to your youth.
A young male coworker stops by your station and helps you with your task. My how your face lights up in his company. You openly flirt, with a smile and a laugh you brush his arm with your nimble fingers. He leans toward you and whispers something in your ear. You lean towards him and I can almost feel his warm breath as he speaks softly to you. Again our eyes meet as you smile and for a moment it doesn’t matter that I am twice your age, that I could be your daddy. For the briefest of moments we are joined together in our own world. Than quickly you turn towards him as you laugh at his whisper and our world ends.

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Your friend gets called away by new waiting patrons and you finish you task. Turning from my view you move towards the ladies room door. Arriving, you hesitate, turn and look around, as if you are looking for someone. Again our eyes meet and you again quickly break contact as you enter the bathroom.

Seizing my moment I pull up my fly and move towards the restroom. Without pausing I enter the ladies room and quickly see that you are alone with me in this room. You turn towards me with authority and say “Hey, this is …!”
Before you can finish, my right hand flies to your left check and my ears cringe at the sound of my strike. Before you can recover from your surprise my left hand has a hold of you tightly by the throat. With the force of my muscled body, I move you quickly to the back wall. Your beautiful blue eyes sparkle with surprise and fear as a single tear escapes it’s hiding place.

“If you make a sound, I will be throttling a corps, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?” I say as my fingers tighten.
You manage to nod an understanding as my grip loosens. My right hand pulls the hem of your polo shirt out of your jeans as I tell you to lift your arms over your head. You obediently raise your arms and I pull your shirt over your head, but leave your arms in the sleeves. I tie a knot with the rest of your shirt keeping your hands tied by your soft polo. Leaving your bra fastened, I pull up your cups and am surprised to see that you have bound your breasts in an ace bandage. Removing the bandage, I am greeted by your light pink nipples that are surprisingly erect. Your breasts are full and heaving in time with your gasps of breath. I plunge your right breast into my mouth and suck violently as if nursing as my tongue encircles your hard nipple. Your entire aureole is in my mouth as my tongue squeezes your tip to the roof of my mouth. A soft moan escapes your lips as I pull your jeans open.

Pushing you aside, back to the rear wall I spin around as I hear the bathroom door open and shut. My adrenalin pumping in my temples I quickly realize that it was the sound of someone using the men’s room next door. I turn to you with a smile as I see that you had your chance to scream, or strike from behind, and you chose to do nothing.
I pull you towards me again, and turn you facing a stall. Another push sends you through the door and straddling the toilet. You are teetering for balance as you have only limited use of your hands. With both hands on your waist of your jeans, I pull down sharply. Down to your knees, then I lift one leg and pull them all the way off. With your jeans and panties pooling around one ankle I push you forward so you are bent at the waist with your arms bound together, over your head holding on to the tank of the toilet. Your face is looking straight down into the bowl of the toilet.

My hands rest on your tight ass, I look down and my fingers trace the tattoo of a nautical star with wings on your lower back. That’s when it hits me. This is no little girl, This is a grown woman dressing down to look like a little girl. As my left hand continues to follow the lines of the tattoo, my right hand caresses your tight ass. It slowly moves down to the tender spot where the back of your thigh joins your buttocks. I patiently press on to the raised area of your outer labia and am surprised to find it sopping wet. I haven’t even entered your vagina and you are so wet you are oozing down your legs. I trace a finger outside your lips realizing that I must have scared you so bad you pissed in your pants. Bringing that finger to my face, your aroma greets me before my finger does. This is not piss, this chick is HOT. I slide my finger in my mouth tasting your succulent juices. I love eating pussy, but not here, not now, no time for that. While I lick my finger clean, my other hand has moved to your pussy and without entering you I have been spreading your juiced all over my hand. I then extend my hand and rub your juices over your bulging clit. Another moan escapes your lips as I realize that I am playing with a shaved snatch.
I can take no more. I pull my own pants down around my feet and line my throbbing member up with the opening of your slit. Your juice quickly washes all my precum from my cock and the smell of your womanly scent fills the stall. I pop just the head of my penis inside your tight walls. This is no virgin pussy, but it is nice and tight. I trace the tip of my cock from the base of your lips to the tip of your clit popping my tip out when I reach your clit, extending my length over your clit, then withdrawing back to the base of your opening. Again and again I slide my cock up and down your slit and over your clit until my cock is dripping with our love. I slide my hands up the sides of your abdomen, up your ribs, and cup your large breasts. They are firm with youth and large as if you were in your early twenties.. Your nipples are as hard as my cock and I squeeze and roll each one in time between my thumb and forefinger. This time, this thrust, I will not pop out. I send my length inside you, inch by inch, my blue veined shaft disappears inside your warmth. We moan together. As my left hand continues to play with your nipple, my right reluctantly leaves it’s post and traces a trail down your back. I lower my hand until my fingers are at the base of my shaft and the opening of your vagina. I love the feel of my shaft plunging past my fingers on its mission to shoot my seed deep inside your womb. My greedy fingers push inward, wanting to be inside you as well, but your tight walls wont allow more than a tip, and that is just not enough.

Unsatisfied, my fingers withdraw from your folds and climb upward. They spread our dripping juices, stolen from our sex, onto your tightly puckered anus. My middle finger pounds on your sphincter, making squishy sounds as it splashes in our lubricant. Pressing onward my finger slips past your opening. Your muscles tense up as if trying to expel me, but the only thing that escapes is a gasp from your full lips. Deeper and deeper into your anus I send my well lubricated finger until I can feel my manhood and its repeated strokes filling your vagina. I am getting lost in the moment, relaxing and taking longer strokes. Your vagina has accommodated my girth and has loosened up enough that I can pull completely out of you on the reverse stroke, and slam back in until my balls hit your clit. Sliding down my left hand, abandoning your soft breast I hold your left buttock. My right middle finger is buried in your ass and my thumb is resting, guiding my stiffness back into your folds on every return to your depths. I look down between us and see that every time I withdraw, a silvery strand of our juices extends from your pussy, about four inches, to the tip of my shaft. Every return stroke sends the silver strand to drip down your leg.

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The rhythm is intoxicating, my brain is a fog, my balls are pulled high as I feel that I am about to send my load deep to your cervix. I can tell by the way that your walls have tightened that you to are close to cuming. My left hand moves to your clit so I may give it regular strokes from my finger when I hear the sound of the bathroom door opening and closing. This time it is not the men’s room, as I hear the clear sound of footsteps moving towards us. I lean back effectively closing the door behind us, but it would be obvious to this intruder that there are four legs in this stall.

The steps lead to the stall next to ours as I hear the latch on that stall close. We are frozen together, nether of us moving or making a sound, holding our breath as we hold off our orgasm. The sound of urine hitting a full bowl of water smacks me hard as an alarm clock that rings an hour early. Awakened from our passion we wait silently for this interloper to leave. Sounds of shuffling, sounds of sighs, I am shocked to see a bony hand appear from the next stall.
“Can you spare some tissue? I seem to be out over here.”

You instinctively move towards our paper roll before I stop you with a firm hand pressed in your mid back. How would it look if your bound hands delivered the supplies? I quickly unravel several sheets and send my masculine hand to deliver its errand.
“Thanks guys!” soon followed by the sounds of her walking feet to the sink.

I pull you back up in a standing position, and lift your free leg off the ground, I then rotate you so we are facing each other, all the while remaining buried to the hilt inside you. As we look into each others eyes a fit of giggles infect us both. You raise your bound arms above your head and lower them around mine in an affectionate embrace. Or lips lock and our tongues dance and my stiffness returns. I don’t even here the woman leave as she meets her spouse outside the men’s room.
Our thrusts continue. Your hips sliding back and forth as mine thrust in and out. We kiss, we exchange lustful looks, we pull back and watch our sex. You balance yourself with your arms around my neck and I hold your free leg high off the ground as my stiffness slides in and out of you. Pulling all the way out again and all the way in, the silver strands are back as our juices thoroughly cover both of our pubic areas.. Your pubic mound and swollen lips glisten with wetness as I notice that you are completely shaved except for a thin patch of short red hair right above your clit.

Our pace quickens, and again my balls are tight as are the walls of your vagina. The stall is filled with the sounds of our wet sex. I can no longer pull all the way out on my strokes as my orgasm is approaching quickly. Our lips lock again as my first shot of semen is sent deep inside you. With the eruption of my member and the warmth that I spread inside you, your own orgasm is triggered. I feel a fist like glove squeezing my erection with every spasm of your orgasm, keeping time with my own contractions and ejaculations. It seems like an eternity before my second contraction, perhaps because of the interruption. With my third spurt inside you, my vision is cloudy and my legs are week. The fourth spurt yields splashing sounds as large drops of cum hit the tile floor. The fifth spurt brings us together again as we hold each other for balance. With the sixth my vision begins to clear. With the seventh spurt, my slippery cock has slid out of you and my shot delivered my white cum to the outside of your pink lips. My dazed stare is directed to the floor with drips and drops of cum everywhere. Apparently, I shot so much cum into your pussy that much leaked out and splattered on the floor. Savoring the moment I lean back on the door.
“Daddy, you have to stop this! You can’t keep following me to work and fucking me in the bathroom, I’m gunna get fired!”
“I know sweet hart, I just cant help myself.”
“Hurry up and go home before someone else catches us. I cant wait for you to tuck me in bed tonight.”
And with one last gentle kiss, I pull up my pants and go home.