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Hi, PG fans I am valentine (name changed) 28yrs old from Andhra, I am 6 feet with a nice body, well this incident took place around a year back.
I am running a small scale industry in A.P.I was in need of a watch man & a person for cleaning our company. I was searching for watchman & cleaning person, One day a person name rao came to my place for work. He was around 40 yrs old and was will to work as watchman & he informed me that his wife will take care of cleaning activities. With in 2 days he will be shifting his family.

Next day I went on business trip to Hyderabad & returned after a week. We I went to company watch man was doing his work (garden cleaning) & I found a lady helping him I asked him & he introduced the lady as his wife. Her name was laxmi she is harldy about 25 yrs old. She got married to rao 1year back. Later I came to know that she is his second wife, after the death of her sister she got married to rao to take care of his children.

One day I was doing my work after 6pm, laxmi came to & asked for some money to by groceries & told her that I have paid the salary few day back to rao, Then she told me that rao was a heavy alcoholic & takes less care about the family. So I gave her some money I told that from next time onward I will his salary to her. She was very happy & went out.

At that time I saw laxmi, she was dark in complexion and having stat 38 34 36 with nice ass and round boobs. I become lustful towards her & wanted to fuck her From that day onward I started to take good care of her. I was going home late & spent some time looking her body while cleaning. In between I gave her some talcum powder & also perfume which she liked very much.
Diwali festival was coming so I planned to gift her saree & dress materials to rao’s children. As per my plan I gifted those items & given some money to rao.

Next day after every one left the company Laxmi came to me by wearing the new saree which I have given her. She looked so beautiful that I though of fucking her immediately, but I dint want any thing to go wrong so I with drew my feeling & talked to her.

She was very happy with my comments & I asked about her husband, She told that he will drink daily & not even taking care of her need.
Usually I will go to my office on Sundays also, one Sunday when I was working I saw laxmi going to bathroom to take bath. After her bath I call her on some prefix she approached me
& I was out of control with her beauty & the perfume aroma, decided to fuck her.

I asked her to give me some magazines which was on other table while taking the magazines from her hand I touched her hand and current flowed for both of our bodies; we were looking into each other eyes by holding the magazine & released after some time.
I asked her about her sex life.

She said her husband has fucked her months back he likes drinking than fucking me;I had a wicked smile so my plan has succeeded.
I could sense a strange sort of feeling from her eyes I said fulfilling your masters wishes is the duty of a servant & more over consider me as your husband for now, Infill fulfill all your wishes. I didn’t give her much time to think; I grabbed her from back & kiss her earlobes & neck. I turned her and planted a quick kiss on her lips & then started sucking her lips, she was all tensed up but slowly started to relax & then opened her mouth now I could go to the full extend my hands grabbed her ass & started to press them a slow moan escaped her mouth aahh!!!!.Now she was fully hot, my hands slowly moved towards her big voluptuous boobs & I started to massage them over her blouse. I slowly guided her to my office table, gave her a big smooch & dropped the pallu of her saree exposing her deep cleavage, I couldn’t control myself planted a kiss on her cleavage & inserted my tongue into it wow what a feeling it was. My hand slowly moved towards her stomach caressed it a bit then slowly entered into her saree & suddenly pulled the part of saree which she had inserted inside, her saree was open which I removed quickly, now my hands slowly moved towards the string of the petticoat which I yanked open in a go, now she was only in her blouse with a panty, I pulled open her tied up hair which came down & she was really erotic. I went towards her back a pushed my tool against her ass & started nibbling her earlobes then kissing her neck from behind, I took my hands up & pressed her soft boobs oh my how soft were they, I slowly started to unhook her blouse, my tool was really poking & trying to tear a hole in my pant, In no time I threw away her blouse then I unhooked her bra & her boobs springed out like released from captivity I then removed her panty revealing her hairy cunt, In no time I removed my shirt, pant & brief.

I then seated her on table & started kissing from her forehead then her eyes then cheek then her lips, neck her boobs & took her left boob in my mouth while my hand moved towards her thighs to massage it, she started moaning slowly, then I interchanged the position right boob in mouth. I sat on my chair & Slowly moved down kissing her navel then started licking it, I went down & started to play with bush, she was already wet, I inserted my index finger into her pussy slowly a soft moan escaped her mouth ahhhhh!!!!!. She was tight & hot I started to move my finger in & out of her pussy slowly, she had closed her eyes & was enjoying it, I then searched for her clit which I began to tease then I caught with my index & thump finger, now I inserted my 2nd finger into her & slowly gave her the motion she began to moan aaaaaaaaaaaah ooooooooohaaaaah aaaaah ahhh!!!She had orgasm & then she lay back on table.

I now took out my 61/2 inch tool & i told her to suck my dick first she hesitsted and then took it in her mouth i asked to suck it like a ice cream laxmi jerked it for a while and then started sucking it by pressing my balls, I was on seventh heven.
I took out my dick before I could eject, I lifted laxmi’s both legs apart on my shoulders and stud up in front of her hairy cunt. I then bent little forward and kissed her boobs. She in reply holds my face and put her lips on my lips which I felt was electric current passing thru me. I could feel her boobs were pressing tightly against my chest. She slowly uttered in my ears, “I need u inside me badly”. Then I rubbed my dick's head on the vaginal lips. Laxmi was pleading me not to delay. Then I pushed my cock inside her she told start slowly because she has not tasted any cock for 6 months. I started stroking slowly and she was moaning in satisfaction. I was half inside her pussy. She was moaning aaaaaaaaaaaah ooooooooohaaaaah aaaaah ahhh!!! She was holding my buts & ordered to fuck her fast; I am dying to get fucked”. I increased my speed as her moans also were louder. In between I was thoroughly sucking along her big long erect nipples. Pulling her nipples by holding them between my teeth & also biting her boobs due to pleasure given by her.

I fucked her hard and continuously, and when I was almost done I asked laxmi, where to serve her with my cum, She told me to fill her love hole & started to press my buts towards her hole. Then I began fucking her heavily, even laxmi squirted at the pleasure given by him. She moaned aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh ouuuuchhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaahhhh, wowwww,
& finally She had her orgasm & I filled her love hole with my milk and I fell on her breast and kept kissing her nipples. She then told me that this was her best sex she had ever had in her life. I asked her if any chances of pregnancy she said it was safe period and not to worry.

I was fully drained, but laxmi wanted me to get one more asap as she was starving for months. She kissed by dick & asked for second round of intercourse. I was sitting on my chair and she started sucking me and I was pressing her boobs which were like melons. Even she was getting ready for another session by fingering her cunt. With no time my dick was rock hard & ready for action, this time laxmi sat on my cock and was moving up and down as if she was controlling me. I could see my cock getting inside her love hole and getting out of the tunnel her sounds aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh aroused me a lot. She was screaming and bitting my lips, neck earlobes and was whispering in my ears to fuck hard.

where have u been so long. I was dying to get fucked so badly fuck me hard & tear my pussy. I was pressing, licking & biting her boobs which were like melons. She was moaning in pleasure. I fucked her hard and continuously, finally I shot a big load of cum into her sweet pussy which she readily accepted, we both were satisfied with our effort.
We sat on chair for about 5mins then I began to feel our bodies. she gave me a big kiss.
She allowed me to go home by taking promise to fuck her when ever we get time.
After that we had sex at home on my bed, Good news she is pregnant, Mr.rao is happy & I am very happy because I sow the seed in her love hole.

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