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Its about this girl Mahek she was originally from Calcutta, the niece of my neighbour(Sweetu aunty), who often spent her vacations during Summer and winters in her aunts house here in Bombay (Even sweetu was equally sexy & gorgeous looking women older to her by 15yrs atleast)Mahek a very very beautiful girl with beautiful dark brown hair fairly long, beautiful big eyes with dark brown eye balls, eyebrows and eye lashes very well shaped (they resembled the eyes of a deer) and I was often turned on when she used an eye liner/mascara and highlighted her eye lashes to enhance them that made them look like Almonds, she had a lovely set of ummmmm yummmy !! Boobies just the kind I like - round not very big - slightly wheatish complexion - beautiful smile wth lovely juicy lips and nice cheeks, 5ft 6' sexy figure 34 - 28 - 36 , lovely long legs a good foundation and beautiful feet and not to forget a round butt a lovely teasing crease it made in the rear side while in a pair of jeans the crease was visible every time she stood up, just at the point where the butt ended and thighs would start and of course the sexy v shaped frontal look, just the spot of her pussy very invitingly sexy below her waist anf the top too that could give any sane man an erection a lovely sexy sweet voice (to sum it all up a perfect really sexy Bengal ka Jadu) and also a very very gracious walk that turned heads male and female. Everything was right in its's place God must have taken atleast 1 year to make her and send her to earth and I must confess though I am married on todays date!! Well not to her.
But till date I have yet to come across a women that wonderful and gorgeous than her
No Indian actress till date is as good looking as her............................ Believe me!

Now to myself I am 42yrs now and am taking you back to when I first met her, I may have been 12yrs at that time and had just begun to feel an erection at that age though semens never ejeculated on masturbation it was at the age of 14 when I first ejeculated vow and what a thrilling moment it was

Mahek, when I first saw her I had fallen for her instantly and had made up my mind to marry her and wanted to spend the rest of my life as man and wife
I let my feelings known to my parents at the age of 16 who had agreed, but always pointed out on the financials and often told me that I'd have to attain a position in life and earn well to support her and live a happy life with her coz of her lifestyle thanks to her aunts approach towards life that rubbed on her too,and to this I always responded that I would do anything for her to keep her happy and indeed I would have (she was the same age as me 1968 born)
My feelings were not known to her but I am sure she must have felt the same too at that stage, as she had regularly been visiting Bombay and spent 2 months or so every season and also being very close to my sister Mahek spent a lot of time in our house with us and that's how we came close to each other (no not physical ever) and not to forget her aunts relation with us it was just like a family we often had breakfast, lunch, dinners etc. In each others houses
As Mahek and I were at a growing stage it was obvious we were to drawn towards each other the body language the chemistry we shared between us was such that many a times we didn't need to speak to one another to put our message across and moreover I was head over heels and very fond of her and didn't know where I was whilst she was around
Any person observing the 2 of us could easily make out that there was something between us
Time kept going by and one fine day it was Mahek who let her feelings known to me, till then I was only finding ways to communicate my feelings to her and didn't how to tell her I only kept saying we were good friends to each other & all those around us except to my parents & sister

I had never expected her to tell me that she loved me and when she made it known to me I hadn't a clue on how to react and only returned a smile.
It was later that I realised what she had meant oh gosh what a tubelight haa !! I said to myself
It was after this day that whenever she met me, my sis, mum & Dad, we exchanged kisses ...................on the forehead

One day mum had happened to talk to me that Mahek's aunt asked her wether we believed in intercast marriage mum said no not all and just said the girl should be sweet and nice loving and caring the hint was given by her aunt that she was thinking in terms of marriage between Mahek and me, our chemistry worked well and geled with each other but also went on to add that I needed to achive something in life and work hard to have some professional degree and mum immediately agreed as i had spoken on the same
And accordingly one fine day i was taken unwares downstairs in my building when alone was confronted by Sweetu and asked me how i felt about Mahek to which i didn't know what to say and in a soft voice said i liked her very much and immediately was asked if i would want to marry her too which i said yes straight away and my eyes were beaming with joy at that time her aunt ensured me that SHE SHALL SEE TO IT I GET MARRIED TO Mahek but will have to study hard and be come something in life to which i promised that i shall become a C.A
I was really happy that day coz CA and my prize for that will be the love of my life and was also sure that her aunt had communicated the same to Mahek as well coz Mahek had started behaving very caringlngly with me but we were never physical with each other
Soon she left for Calcutta and i didn't know how time flew by after that day till the next 2 years or so there was not much communication between us and even her aunt, there wasn't any sign of her as she was also in Cal

I do remember only receiving greetings for Diwali and new years from Mahek but deep in my heart was happy that my love is there in cal and i only need to succeed in life to marry her that was between my SSC and HSC boards
she happend to be back with her aunt and was to go to Hongkong for a Holiday and then be back after say 20 days or so
She did come back though but returned slightly different may be I didn't get the message but soon things were back to normal and thought it to be just to be an overdose of seeing the world outside India

Well time went by soon and saw a stranger 30+ visiting their house regularly and never imagined that this person was actually coming to meet Mahek (We can call him Raju) I probably thought he was visiting my neighbour - Sweetu
I was very possessive of Mahek and beagn to suspect that may be Raju was coming to see Mahek, well I did try to find out from her - she said yes and her aunt happend to meet him in Hongkong a businessman well to do single but also said she didn't like him as he was a Hindu Sindhi - (her words also were she would marry a snake but not a no ways) her answer satisfied me and i stopped caring about his presence in her aunts place
life went on
It was almost 2 yrs again since i heard from Mahek and was unable to call her as i didn't have her number in calcutta coz i never needed to but now it had become much too long and there was no contact with her aunt as well in calcutta i even feared she would be confronted by her parents on me calling her
I could no longer control myself and desperately needed to get in touch with Mahek
Luck was by my side i managed to take up a job side by side along with my studies It so happend that i joined a large organisation where i needed to travel a lot by air and my very first assignment was to calcutta it so happend i could go there every alternate day and obviously i did meet Mahek and her aunt i took all of them by surprise.
I worked in this company for 6 months coz that was the max i could do coz my SY Bcom exams were round the corner
But in the 6 months i visited calcutta almost 60 - 70 times and often happend to see Raju around too in her aunts place this did offend me and got me disturbed quite a bit
I was only disturbed coz didn't want to loose Mahek and i was actually seeing myself loosing out to Raju coz he was well to do & i was yet to make a living i was fighting with myself as to why i have't been blessed with a good fortune or a good bank balance
And in all these years i had begun to adore and immensely love Mahek many a times my sis would see me upset and used to keep telling me try to forget her she is a bird and a bird never perched on one tree she will keep flying by and you will never get hold of her.
you are here in Bombay what do you know how many friends she has out there in Cal.
She is libran by birth and libran are known to be flirts (no offence please)
I never cared for my sisters comments and stopped thinking on what my sis said.
Another year went by Mahek did visit Bombay many a times but we couldn't meet only spoke to her on her Phone in her Hotel as Sweetu was still in cal she stayed in a Hotel with her relatives Mum and Dad coz she had taken up films and had become an actress in Bengali Movies and supposedly was doing well for herself
In the mean time i cleared my TYBcom and got a Bachelors degree and was now looking for my next step to take up a stiphens job as basic requirement to pursue a CA course in an auditing firm.
Worst was to happen and didn't know life was to take a drastic turn
My Dad had a Angina attack in 1990 and was hospitalised his life after this had completely changed and so had mine. He was adivsed a bypass surgery and cost with medication would work out to 5 lacs or so at that time.
We couldn't afford an expenditure such as this and moreover dad also feared such operations and was never keen on it
He began to take medicines and was advised to slow down in life completely as we weren't pursuing with the bypass now as he was the only sole earning member i had to take it up to support my family and decided not to study further and began a small scale business related to vehicles
But still didn't know life was to give me a shock something i hadn't expected in my wildest of dreams
One of Mahek's relatives informed us that Mahek was to get married soon and the groom was Raju.........I was completely shatterd on this and didn't how to fight it out and also deeply hurt coz Mahek very well knew i loved her and she loved me too but didn't care to even talk to me and discuss on the step that she was gonna take.
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I very well knew it would take a long time for me to settle 4-5 years atleast and Mahek was 22 yrs same as my age and parents of any girl would be tempted on getting their daughter married on receiving a proposal from a well settled person and a rich family, all said and done atleast communicate which Mahek didn't this got me ragged also even her aunt i.e my neighbour she wasn't around and didn't know where she was and didn't see her for 8-10 months after Mahek's marriage ( well ofcourse i didn't go to Mahek's wedding my parents did on me asking them to do so) they were hurt too but didn't show it to me.
It was at this juncture for the first time in my lfe i had cursed myself not be born in a wealthy house hold and almost lost respect for every woman except for my sis and mum

My Mum, sis and myself began to work hard sis took up a part time job and mum did a small scale business from home as we had a family to support and look after my dad as he was leading a retired mans life
Life moved on and almost 8-9 yrs went by lots happend in between dad was hospitalised & re hospitalised on a 3-4 occassions we were seeing boys for my sis to get her married but nothing worth while was happening i had and afffair with a catholic girl from London again my heart was bombarded may be this time for my decency and was low & lonely once again in my life
Mahek bumpped into me many a times obviously coz we were in the same city and very close to the place i lived, but my reactions were very cold i never spoke to her even once after her marriage not even when she gave birth to a baby girl 3 years after her marriage. Her aunt did talk to me she had her own stories to give on her failure to keep her promise i didn't buy those yarns useless stories and explanations she gave & on a number of occassions asked to pardon Mahekas we were childhood friends and knew each other i always shrugg it off my relations with ritu's aunt werent as cordial as before
It was in in 1999 my sis was to get married and just about that time Mahek's daughter had begun to fancy visiting our house my parents found her very cute but i never paid any heed to her and it was all known to Mahek on my behaviour, weeks went by slowly i began to get friendly to Mahek's daughter scenes at home looked filmi - mother ditches me and her daughter fancies to play with me
Now came the twist as i had bcome friendly to her daughter (dinki) slowly ritu and I began to exchange hi & byes as things in the house were gearing up for my sisters marriage i was being drawn once again into Mahek as her visits to our house were increasing that urge to meet, this time it was more in her than in me
Time went by quickly, my sis got married i had begun to feel lonely and suddenly it so happend that Mahek and I began to speak to each more often on the Phone
Her aunt on several occassions asked me to take Mahek out for a midnight coffe or so or even a drive at night whenever Raju went abroad i obliged on 2 occassions and not much fuss was made by her lil daughter Dinki as she was a sleep in Mahek's aunts place. (even now Mahek was gorgeous looking and no one could say she was a mother of one)
Mahek did talk of things in the past between us but i would let it off- saying by gones were by gones no point cribbing on spilt milk it's over and nothing can be done about it i'd often say
Within a few days our telephonic conversations began to pick up steam slowly and steadily though, initially our conversatons lasted for 5-10 mins only slowly it increased to 45 mins - 1 hr once a day and slowly to 2-3 times in a day
She had begun to call me each day in the morning as she woke up and once after Raju left for work, i also called her from my work place when ever i was free
Her frequency of visits to her aunts place on and around holidays and week ends and evenings began to be more often, i even heard her aunt mention it once that she was surprised on the frequency of visits to her place in a very short time ( this pleased me a lot) coz it was visible to all, my parents felt it too but had no qualms abouit it coz they saw i was happy
And soon that day came when we began to see each other more often i would go to a spot close to her house and meet her, we met in a restaurant or by beach at versova we walked in the sand sometimes or met in a cafe & many a times sat in the car
but this time i knew i had to make the first move (can i confess here i had begun to love her again and that to immensely, wanted to marry her even despite her 5-6yr old daughter......... just sheer love for her i began to see her as my wife and ready to accept her and had also manged to convince my parents on the same.............. they rightly pointed out though if she would take such a bold step......all of this was not revealed to Mahek......... It was just my side of the story i had to prepare my parents for it, what if..........)

Now that we had begun to meet more often one day in my car i gathered guts to ask her if i could kiss her, she didn't know how to react to this but on convincing her how dearly i loved her............(which i really did) and wished to kiss her she mumbled & fumbled on this but finally agreed on it.

I was really nervous as it was my first ever passionate kiss to her and didn't want to loose on this opportunity i wanted to win her by my first kiss to her i moved forward & tried to reach my lips to caress and smooch her juicy upper lip gently and then sucked on to the lower lip and finally both her lips as she began to give in, my hands reached her back and hugged her tight as she also reciprocated in the same manner with her movement of head swaying left to right i was now confident that i was on the right track and slowly shoved my tongue into her mouth and began to roll it into her mouth and feeling the inner walls trying to suck all her saliva and rubbed her tongue with mine which she greedily accepted and began to suck my tongue into her mouth and the hot saliva was being exchanged and all of a sudden i began to hear her moan i tried to gain control by withdrawing my tongue and allowing her to chase my tongue and sucked on to her tongue as if i was going to swallow it she gagged and we were now so much into it that we both could hear each other breathe and exchanging warm air from our nose it was the most charismatic and thrilling moment of my life as i had my babe the love of my life in my arms................ i am sure the smooch may have lasted for more than 7-8 mins
As we were now gasping for breath we seperated and i kissed her on her cheeks just wanting to thank her,
she then looked the other way and was pretty shy all the time thereafter and till the time she was with me in the car she was pretty nervous and never looked back into my eyes .......oh she was a sweety pie.............despite the fact a mother of one and 8-9yrs after marriage she was still beautiful and gorgeous as ever before
We exchanged byes after a while and dropping her to the spot i generally did each time we met
I returned home thrilled and glad as never before
Masturbated in the toilet, my underwear absolutely soaked with the pre cum after all that happend, my dick may have been tensed in the pants in all that happend i had realised that Mahek hadn't hugged me in her arms so felt a little incomplete and also whilst i hugged her i had made sure i hadn't pressed on to her lovely breast from here on i only dreamt on how i would meet her next time and if ever i could have her on bed......... make love to her
What ever i was doing hereon was not out of lust it was out of sheer love and began to treat as as my lawfully wed wife i loved her dearly........
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As i relaxed in my house after a jerking off soon the phone bell rang it was Mahek.... I asked how she was feeling and why was she shy........ she revealed that it was a great time she had and her legs had begun to tremble...... I asked her wether it was out of fear or something else, she said no not fear it was different feeling i got the signal immediately i asked her in a soft voice ..was it that she was wet between her thighs.. she she was quite and softly said hmmmm meaning yes......i asked her had she cum she said in a soft voice maybe and giggled and cut the phone... i was very happy that now i can start talking to her on erotic lines more freely which i did every now and then we began to meet more often hereon and each time we met it started and ended with a smooch ..........simply great !!!

One day it so happend after i first smooched her (2-3weeks later) she insisted we met early in the morning around 7.00 in the morning close to her house
She looked tensed when i met her, she had woken up at 4.00 am as she was disturbed and unable to sleep well and wanted to speak to her husband and tell him all that had happend between us and wanted to apologise and all that had happend...... this revealation had shaken me coz my chances looked bleek for all the goodness i was feeling in me and didn't want to loose her once again, i even offered to accept her if she opened up in front of her husband and if any thing drastic happend.
Luckily for me she didn't wake her husband but was in 2 minds wethter to talk to him or not, i tried convincing but it had no thru way and from that day we stopped meeting she even stopped taking my calls, this made me feel really low
I tried calling her couple of times but she wouldn't answer the phone many a times a maid servant answered saying she was unavailable i seldom revealed who i was coz this could get her in trouble. I knew she was avoiding me

One Sunday morning she called up after some twenty odd days asking to meet her again, on meeting she told me she had been avoiding me but couldn't resist and apologised for having done so, this made me feel glad on how she felt , she also said she too enjoyed speaking to me and eagerly awaited for moments when she could meet me and see me and after a while began questioning on the extra marital affair she was having with me & was it right !!
Well i was perplexed & didn't know what to say but before i could answer she said one her hubbies niece (same age as her unmarried - Trisha ) was down from London they had become very close friends and kept each others secrets she revealed to her on all that was happening in her life and happend to ask her wether what she was doing was right, to my good fortune the Trisha being an open minded person reacted positively and asked her to do as she felt was right and do things in life that gave her happiness and told there was no harm in having an extra marital affair especially after seeing that her uncle (Raju) wasn't giving much time at home and asked her to carry on, i was really happy to know that this conversation with Trisha had helped and given her the confidence to start meeting me again. In all the conversation we were having i began to realise that Raju wasn't giving her much of the wanted time and she was lonely most of the time i didn't ask her though but i had realised this and not to forget an age gap between the two it may have been 14 yrs atleast

After meeting Mahek on Sunday morning i was back at home by 12 noon after smooching & kissing her good bye , masturbated again and relaxed as i reached home
i received a call @4 pm from Mahek saying that Raju would be going out of Bombay for 2 days and would be leaving home by 6.00pm today, she was calling me from a pay phone and asked not to call at home as she had come downstairs to leave her daughter to a Birthday party and asked if we could meet again, obviously i replied in the affirmative this got me really thrilled as i was to meet her again the same day
I had to borrow my friends car as my Dad would take it to the park as he did each day in the evening so didn't want to upset his program
I happend to get his Maruti 1000 instead of the 800
We met @7.00pm it was here that i happend to discuss my short time affair with the catholic girl from London and how we brokeup and also if i hadn't any physical relation with her, after having gotten convinced that i hadn't made love or had sex with her (which i didn't) for the first time in so many meetings and outtings with Mahek she hugged me and embrassed me in her arms as it was for the very first time it gave me the greatest feeling ever,...... how i wished in her arms the world could end or come to a stand, we may have held each h other for no less than 30-35mins.

In a very hesitating voice after smooching her i asked her if i could feel her..... she murmered in my ears while in her arms that i was feeling her all the time............ i said to her that i actually meant to feel her breast..... i got the nod, we moved front to the rear seat to get more room and sat very close to each other and began to smooch her i moved my lips to her chin and slowly to the ear lobes and began sucking on them, with every move of mine she began to maon displaying pleasure on each move which got me very aroused and slowly moved my lips and greedily began to lick lower down from her ears to the neck like a dog and sucked on her gullet & thereon began to move my right hand on her waist though the airconditioning in the car was good both of us were sweating and me i was licking every drop of her sweat on her neck, below her ears her upper lip forehead etc. it should have been salty in taste but to me it tasted like sweet honey and then slowly
even before i could move my hands waist up wards to feel her breast she began to moan and held me closer to her body i could feel her body shudder in my
arms as i moved to hold her breast...still remember she was wearing an off white salwar kameez, i felt her breast from the outside her kameez my right hand very gently holding & pressing on to the lovely juicy left boob, very soft, my lips sucking on to her neck she began to moan louder and louder & louder both of us hugging eacher other harder and tighter as ever wrapped around each other her eyes were shut i could see she was enjoying every moment of it I was almost climbing on her though the space in the rear seat was for more than 3 people we were acquiring space for one i too was having the pleasure of holding and pressing the boobie as it was first time ever i had gotten a chance to feel the breast of a women, with every touch and press i had begun to feel her nipples growing harder and harder from the outside they felt like round marbles, I had become desperate to feel her breast from inside her kameez i slowly moved my hands down to the waist and tried to enter from underneath inside her kameez, my right hand moving inwards feeling her lovely soft and smooth skin on her waist my dick as hard as a rock, i slowly reached up and felt her breast and nipples from outside her bra there was no room between her kameez and bra as i felt her lovely boob with my right hand outside her netted wired bra she moaned even louder, her body kept shuddering as i pressed her boobs i then moved my hand articulatly and realeased her bra strap from her shoulder and moved my hand slowly towards the centre of her cleavage and slid my hand through centre of her bra under the net and got a chance to hold her very very soft and warm breast into the cup of my hands ............ it was like holding the world cup in my hands such was the feeling i had at that moment as i pressed on her left boobie and soon with my index finger circled on her nipple and sqeezed them and pinched on them slightly it was at this juncture she bit my lips and her body trembled at this ( am damn sure she must have cum then) i could feel her nipples very hard in cup of my palms i was enjoying every moment of it and only hoping this never ended and also hoped when i could see them & suck them, she tooooooooo was enjoying every moment of it wwwooooowww what a moment it was, her skin on the breast felt like velvet her nipples cherries her juicy soft boobs nice and round in the cup of my hands i never wanted to let go of them ever, that day there was no part of the breast that went untouched and un discovered with my hands..... my dick my gosh... absolutely soaked and drenched in the cum i could feel it had relaxed a bit coz i realised i had cum in my undees i don't know when it happend and could only imagine the mess in my pants....
I could imagine this as one of most madenning moments in our lives.......... it was soon 9.00pm and as she needed to go back home i got her to relax, kissed & hugged her, drove to a general store near by bought her a refreshing drink to cool her self down as her nipples were still hard as marbles as i could reckon it they were clearly visible from outside the kameez as soon as she was feeling ok i made her cover herself with the dupatta she was carrying with her and saw to it that nothing was visible thru it i dropped her back to her building and departed after being promised that we meet up the following day
And ofcourse as i reached home masturbated after clearing up the mess thinking of the lovely moment of my life.
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The following day early morning i got a call from her she sounded very thrilled and happy and discussed the lovely time she had with me last evening and how she endeared the moments of joy and feelings she shared and thanked me for it as it made her feel like a women and also liked and cared for it when i made sure that nothing was visible thru her clothes, i felt great too on hearing this and it was at this juncture i asked her how i wondered if i could have sex with her some day..... to this she replied that... that day was not too far away and it would happen soon and she wouldn't want to make it sound cheap by calling it as having sex she would like to call it "making love" and explained to me how precious and beautiful such moments are when two bodies and two souls meet each other to became one and how eagerly she was waiting for that day, this made me jump out of my seat in joy as i could have only dreamt of such moments with her
I told her if it happend it would be my first and had no experience on this and feared how i would be able to perform... to this she said it would happen with ease and needn't worry coz she would teach me.....
haaaaaaaa !!!! was i glad on knowing this
After a while i kissed her bye as she had to wake her daughter up and get her ready to go to school we kept meeting thereafter and each time we met i'd always get a chance to feel her body and breast and i always had something new to deliver and get her satisfied, she on the other hand made sure that she wore slightly loose clothes and always wore something to cover her breast so that nothing was visible which was an indication on how she too was desperate for every touch of my hands on her very feminine body but in all this time i never got a chance to feel her pussy

One day i happend to meet her just before she was to go for a workout she had joined a club so that she could slip out from her house saying she was going to the club but came to meet me instead and as ever we sat on the rear seat of the car, she was wearing a loose T-shirt with tights below her wasit upto her calves she was looking very very sexy her bumb round and very inviting i couldn't wait to get my hands on them and below the abdomen area WHAT A V it had formed a really teasing pussy i wanted to feel it any how that day, as i had never seen her in this outfit before as soon as she sat in the rear seat of my car i told her how beautiful and inviting she was looking we were soon in a compromising position with me landing kisses on her cheeks hugging each other very tight in the arms smooching, sucking and digging on to each others mouth with our tongues and lips my hands holding on to her breast kneading her nipples and pressing them under her t-shirt and bra, as i was seated towards her left my left hand pressing her left boobie i slowly slid my right hand down from her right boob from behind her back to her waist and gently moved towards her belly and slowly downwards towards her abdomen area and down to her pussy trying to get a feel of her vulva crack from the outside her tights, barely that i had landed there and felt her vulva crack with my middle finger..............i couldn't have imagined in my wildest of dreams what was to follow next, before i could realise in a split of a second, she had unrolled herself out from grip of my arms & hands dropping down on to the floor of the car near the door and sitting down covering herself in a manner as a baby in a mothers womb i was stunned at this soon on realising that had happend
I got her to relax immediately helping her up back on to the seat as she was panting for breath.......... on inquiring what had gone wrong she pleaded and requested me not to touch her down there as she was too sensitive and if i could wait for a while, soon i had gotten her to relax and didn't touch her thereon ....she asked to be dropped home as she wouldn't be able go for a work out ..i obliged in that manner wondering all the time on how she had felt about it with enough doubts in my mind that she was not too active in a sexual intercourse with Raju.
I called her as soon as i reached home to enquire if she was feeling ok and if i could be of any assisstannce... she sounded pretty cool and relaxed as we kept speaking, as a thought was bothering me i enquired on when she was touched by Raju last she paused for a while and said she was laid last 3 months ago, i had thought as much and that explained the entire situation on why she dropped on the floor on being touched on the pussy and also cleared my doubts on Raju as he was indeed not giving her time on bed

We soon met after a couple of days in her Sweetie aunties house as she was not around Mahek came to stay for a night and as expected she put her daughter to sleep and asked me to come over

It was nice to meet Mahek, she was looking admirably sexy and beautiful under dim lights and at night before i could realise we were soon wrapped around each other smooching and hugging each other tight she was again wearing tight 3/4's under her waist a t-shirt with no bra underneath whcih i realised only after i pressed her juicy boobs as soon as i pressed them and felt her nipples i was too tempted to remove her t-shirt and suck them and lick them and also told her my desire to do so there was some fear in her and didn't allow me to go ahead and insisted i felt boobs and played with them as much as i wanted but without her having to remove or lifting her t-shirt i obliged, but in turn i asked her if i could feel her vagaina underneath down there between her thighs & feel the feminine crack she was quite but later allowed me to feel her there, the moment i felt her vulva from outside she was very aroused we were hugging each other tight before i felt her vulva all of a sudden she had collapsed in my arms backwards with her head falling on to the sofa we were sitting on with she in my arms and her belly almost surging upwards suggesting i sucked her navel she was absolutely uncontrolable with her entire body quivering and jumping like a fish out of water & kept saying no no no no no ooh maa maa ooh maa
She was extremely aroused i wanted to remove of all her clothes suck her and kiss each and every millimeter of her body but as i feared that her daughter would wake up with the moaning sounds she was making i decided to keep rubbing her pussy vulva from the outside wow!!! man was she hot and had me me crazy with the sounds she was making soon her body tightened and trembled indicating that she had an orgasm whcih i confirmed on asking her i couldn't wait now as my penis was to tensed in the shorts and needed a breather i removed my shorts half down and removed my manhood from my undees took hold of her right hand and made her hold my cock she was pretty shy initially to what i had done but soon began to jirk it up and down slyly looking at it and masturbated for me and told me not to worry as soon we would be on her bed in her house one day and my dick would be doing this in her pussy just her mentioning this and the thoughts of making love to my sweet heart baby i ejaculated
I hadn't ever seen her that satisfied ever before as i saw her at that moment as if indicating to me that she was victorious and succeeded in her intent
to make me cum & ofcourse i was too glad as well coz she not only made me cum in her hands but also held my penis for the 1st time ever ............a la grand what a feeling it was
We packed ourselves up again and sat closely knit to each other for an hour or so, it was time to say good night to Mahek as her daughter had begun to cry out Mummy mummy where are you ?? from the bedroom so we kissed each other good bye came back to my house and slept only imagining when i could see her nude and Kiss/suck every part of her body and make love to her

Weeks went by after that lovely memorable night ,well we did meet after that many a times and soon one day at around 10:30am Mahek called me and asked me to take a leave from work that day & asked me to come near her house by 12:00 noon and call her as i reached, i did so, she asked me to park somewhere closeby take an auto and come to her building and gave me directions to her house as i was gonna be visiting her place for the first time, she told me her cousin from calcutta had just left for work and raju had left early, she would take care of the maid servant and would manage to slip me into her bed room... she manged to smuggle me into her house as i reached her door and then to her bedroom and locked me inside and asked me to relax her room and said she would join me soon.
I was too excited with all that was happening and didn't have clue on what was to follow but certailny knew we could be in each others arms and kiss without any fear of being seen or disturbed
After 20mins or so i heard the door unlock and saw Mahek come inside the room was she looking gorgeous in the baby pink salwar kameez both her hands clapsed on her face giggling and looking at me with disbelief on what she had done and never imagined she would have done this.
I was too excited and aroused as well at her behaviour and within moments we were holding and hugging each other smooching kissing wildly we were in a liplock toungue rubbing each other innerwalls of the mouth and exchanging hot saliva my hands that were only hugging her tight now began to move caress her butt feeling the central partition my index finger finding the route to her bumb hole and all this while with every movement of mine her moaning with pleasure made me confident that i was on the right path and she wanted it
i began to feel her lovely breast with my other hand as i was loosing my balance and control each time ritu moved around in pleasure i some how managed to put her on the bed that was very low just barely touching my calves
Me besides her bed on my knees on the floor kneeling on her on her smooching her to glory my right hand refusing to let go of her left breast and the right behind her back caressing and embrassing her or rather pushing her by force into me just loving every moment as it was a dream come true, soon began to tongue uner her ear lobes and kissing her and sucking her she moaning with pleasure soon i managed to undress her from her kameez and my gosh a set of lovely fair voluptous tits pointing thru her netted bra staring at me and asking me to eat them suck them and get them wet
i just couldn't resist i just drowned my self into the clevage and began to tongue tease her on the outline of silvette bra and began realise her cherries growing and getting harder and harder may even harder than my dick as i was too greedy for these special moments iwanted to see her back and kiss every portion of the back without delaying i turned her on her chest and my goodness the skin on her back was shinning and the silver straps and her bra hook were asking me to let go of her shouders as i did it the entire back was exposed to me and with Mahek co-operating and allowing all i wanted to and getting me wildly aroused by her constant moaning with pleasure felt i should not lack behind coz these were my moments and my road to a successful venture with her on bed i licked kissed every millimeter of her back and slowly reached to bumbs and with my hands going round her belly i managed to loosen her nylon strap of the pyjama's and pulled it out totally exposing her bumbs with the bumb cheeks visible from the side of her matching silvette panty i i kissed her bumb cheeks her thighs got me even wild i falling short of words as it is a moment i am unable to express on todays date and i just don't remeber a word that camee out at that moment only remeber calling her by various names and repeatedly sayng i love you and meaning every bit of it i sucked that lovely crease underneath her bumb and the thighs started i could smeel her love juices may be even greedily tasted it downwards coz i do know i felt a lot of moisture around there ia m sure her love hole must have been oozing out juices in litres as lot of wetness was visible on her lovely soft panties i slowly then moved kissing licking like a dog downwards on her thighs and then to the back of her knee her calves and then to the ankles an then to her feet and licked every part of her toes got her to turn around back on tho her back and began to move upwards from foot to her shin bones inner thighs and outter thighs to the lovely v shapped vagina her vulva swelling upwards inviting me i planted a kiss on the buldging vulva on the outer of her panties i am sure she had gone so wild & crazy with me doing all of this and me so lost in all that i was doing to her we didn't realise that her bed sheet had rolled and become a big lump the pillows were all on the ground Mahek her head was not there where we started from it had rotated to the opposite side and we were on the other side of the bed my sweet heart my goodness at that moment was red by face her absolutely naked body except for the vagaina was covered she was looking so beautiful just like a sex goddess and in all this as she was looking me in the eyes with a smile a mole on her left tit near the clevage caught my attention just where her boobs started from i just went all out for it i may have sucked that part for almost 15min atleast and then reached for those lovely hard dark broown cherries she had begun to scream and yell in pleasure and asked me not to go furhter as it was almost impossible to take it any more she had stiffend so much that i barely see herboobs and hid her face and tits in such a manner that nothing upwards was visible now wwaht visible was her sexy navel which i couldn't resist and kissed licked sucked each and every inch that was there at my disposal i knew she was not able to take nymore of all that i ws doing to her and she complained over a thousand time for the tickle she was feeling and i lost count on the number of circling she had done on the mattress of her bed though she was still hidding her face from very long i just asked her to relax and within moments she had turned her self down on the beddigging her face in the pillow she manged to grab on the floor without realising what was to follow i rested my face kissing her back bone and saying repeatedly howmuch i love you sweet heart quite some time had gone by now as my dick had been tensed in my undies and buldging from the pants that was wet with precum eagerly waitng for the lovely moments i grabbed my pocket and removed a set of condoms and asked for her approval to allow me to proceed as there was no response from her and sheh was very stiff and still and not uttering a word i went towrds her head and kissed on the sides of the ears and asked again and requested to turn around which she didn't and nodded saying no...... i asked her what happend very softly around her ear she didn't respond and in all this time my dick had heated up so much it was getting unbareable and painful to hold it in i manged to un zip and pulled down the elastic and out it came bham wet and hard i fiddled with it touch the wet tip of the dick and made it's tip touch Mahek's bare thighs on the sides she beggan to squeeze them and ten turned her head towards me her face pink and blushing and trying too hard to hide her emotions and also unable to look into my eyes trying to steal them from me and all this while squeezing hard her bumbs and releasing them and moving her feet left to right i queried if all was well and kissed her rosy lips and put my head besides her pillow she turned her head to the other side i bend over her to see from the other side with my belly resting on her back she didn't know what to say i then asked her if she wanted it to happen with her looks i felt she was not ready and didn't want it to happen she blushed and made me feel that there was a fear in her i mentioned it to her and querried if she didn't wannna do it and was not comfortable about it we could stop here and it was not a problem for me as i could jerk it off, she nodded and almost pleading and asking in a soft voice she wasn't too comfortable today.
I did feel a bit hurt and annoyed but didn't express my feelings just let it off with a smile and that very moment kissed her and gave her a friendly cozy hug resting besides her and asked her to put on her clothes i grabbed the bed sheet and covered her bare naked body as she felt comforted she apologised and rushed to the bathroom and came back after 20min odd mins looking low and unable to look in to my eyes and i was feeling dejected but knew that one day she would be ready to give in and like a thorough gentleman pacified her saying ok to all of it as didn't wanna pounce on her or force it out i wanted it to be mutual and out of sheer love and as it was my first time it was the moment i had cherished i didn't wanna be a spoil sport.
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I left her house after a while, her eyes a little wet and wanting to be very apologitic and trying to cry it out loudly sorry !!!!
As i reached home a lil dejected but happy too for all that i had achived that day after jerking off, in an hour or so she called weeping and sobbing on the phone asking for forgiveness and even stated that she had a feeling that i would never wanna see her again for all that she had done and was fearing that it was her last meeting with me and felt very annoyed with her ownself for such a kiddish behaviour and apologising again and again without giving me a chance to respond she kept on repeating words that "i know you will never see me again i know it i will die if you don't .......please, please please forgive me i have insulted you today please forgive me
As she stopped i assured her that it wasn't her last with me and it was perfectly fine with me and having said that from now on i was even more keen on meeting her next and after seeing her bare without clothes and thanked her for allowing me to feel her and touched & her how i had enjoyed every moment with her and also let her know that my want for her had increased and began to love her more and more she began to feel comforted as this sounded as music to her ears we spoke for an hour and she said to me how she had felt with every touch of my hands on her body and discussed every moment we had with each other back at her place
I must admit i was upset in the back of my mind it played but let go of it pacifying myself and realising that atleast the head way that i had made and it would soon happen may be she was not comfortable and also was hard for her coz i was her ex boyfriend but not her husband.... i had be understanding here ...................oh god oh god how i dearly loved her.....

One fine morning she called me and told me that there was good news!!!! as her hubby was going for an exhibition out of India to las Vegas and other places abroad and not to return for atleast 25 days or so & soon she was a free bird and could meet each other without fear and make the most of it... I was thrilled too with this news
I had begaun to realise that since my last meeting with her at her place she had come lil more closer to me, she respected me more, cared more and had begun to share small small secrets with me as if i had become an integral part of hers and also behaved as if she owned me...well ofcourse i liked this too as i feeling being possessed.... may be my attitude or the goodness in me paid off
As her hubby left on an early Saturday morning she called me and our meeting was fixed for sunday @ 11.00am at her place and she had already arranged a pick up of her daughter to be sent to her aunts sweetu's house that same Saturday and she was scheduled to be at her aunts place on Sunday evening the reason given was that she had some household work to be attended to and didn't want the lil one to be around
As planned i reached her place on Sunday morning @ 11.30am the delay was coz her daughter had come over to play, i some how after playing with her for a while managed to slip out coz i had to meet my babe.

As i reached her place we were in total lip lock and hugged each other tight saliva being exchanged and didn't wanna let go of each other oh gosh oh my what a moment it was
As we calmed down and was escorted to her bedroom that was pretty cool with the airconditioning she got me stunned by asking me outright if i was carrying the contraceptive with me... to which answered in the affirmative to which she smiled and planted a kiss on my cheeks
I querried on this if we were gonna be doing it today and was she comfortable about it, she replied saying she was eagerly waitng for this moment and wanted it to happen today
this obviously got me tooooo excited and looked at her as if asking her shall we than and thereafter it was a repeatition of the earlier day it was the same as i had done a few days back I do recollect that Mahek was wearing a black panty and her netted bra was black i just removed them and after kissing and licking it i kept it on the bed she was looking so beautiful without clothes like a sexiest love goddess i got a glimpse of her wall clock only to realise that it was 12.55 in the afternoon and we were in fore play for more than one and half hr i happend to touch her bra i could feel that i had drenched it with all the sucking that must taken place i also remember her asking me ......were you a dog in your previous life coz you haven't spared an inch on my body that you haven't licked barring the pussy
I asked if i could, pat she replied no way i will not........
i then asked can we do it .... yes !! she said
i tore open the condom pkt and got my dick dressed for the act.....i was so aroused now and crazy for it to happen i bent forward and began to kiss and lick the outter elastic of her panty and tried pulling her black soaked in saliva panties with my lips all the uuuh and aaah's were constantly on
I was surprised when she pulled her panty up and pushed me behind and asked me to swear on her not look at her vagina whilst i was to penetrate her and immediately asked me to look the other way and also asked me not to touch her panty as it was too wet......ummmmmmmm i still remember the aroma of the pussy as soon as she had removed her panties
no sooner had she done so she asked me to come over her without looking down...... i obidiently obliged looking into her eyes eagerly awaiting the most cherished moment of my life
i managed to go between her thighs asking her how were we to do it.
as she opened her thighs i lifted her legs from the calves and rested them on my shoulders allowing her thighs to collide on my chest i had bent forward i kept looking in her eyes all the time and now asked her whats to be done and where was her love hole without looking down she just grabbed hold of my rock hard dick and placed it's tip on the vagina i was looking at her with mesmerised looks and waitng for the moment when i would be into her... she looked at me with puzzled looks and then said come ooooon pushhhh to which i did and then querried wether i was in ... she replied nooooo
it had gone above slipped upwards onto the vulva... she said never mind lets do it again i re- positioned again she held my dick into her hands placed it once again at the tip of her love hole and asked me to push.... but yet again in vain now it slipped and went downwards towards the crack of her buttocks.... all this kept happening without success with not less than 5-6 tries....she was almost on the verge of giving up saying that it wouldn't happen as her love hole may have closed forever as she hadn't been too active in love making with her husband and feared it wouldn't happen at all,
this was not sounding to exciting to me coz i couldn't see this happening to me again as having come this far and not achieving the desired success i took control of the situation by pacifying her saying that may be i positioned to far from her and needed to be closer to her body and asked for permission to take all by myself she agreed on this
I repositoned my self rested properly onto my knees rested her legs on my shoulders bent down thrusting all my weight on her laps my chest on to her thighs, caught hold of my greedy hard dick holding it at the tip with my index finger acting as a guide searched for her love hole which i managed to locate without looking down which was absolutely soaked with her love juices placed my dick at the tip and with a thrust i pushed it into her....... was i glad as i had succeeded i didn't go completely into her i was just in with 3 quaters of my shaft still out and querried wehter i was in the right spot she was tensed on her face her eyebrows moving upwards and her forehead tensed with wrinkles all of this only expressing lil agony pain and satisfaction coz she was smiling too she said yesssss!!! go on i went in completely and rested in that position looking at her coz she screamed a lil ooooooooomaaaaa

I remained stationed in that position and kept looking at her face as the pain subsided her tensed face looked calm with her eyes completely shut all the while lil tears rolling down from either side of her eyes down on to the bed and slowly the calm face began to smile looking up at me i bend a lil more and smooched her lips she said to me in very soft voice it's all fine we can now proceed i kept staring at her yet only fearing if i retreated what if it came out again then i would have to try and penetrate again coz it seemed like an ordeal to me, reluctantly though but i retreated my dick out by a quater and shoved it again and kept on repeating this a couple of times but very slowly coz i was not tooo confident if i would be able to shove it in again and i was also noticing the change in her expressions with every retreat she looked pleased and tensed when i woild be back into her was it painful or was it my pressure on her thighs that was doing it all, i must admit her vagiana was tight very very tight coz i was feeling the pain on my dick too, i beleive that's how virgin pussy must be though i don't have a long dick may be close to 5.3" but the head is pretty wide its thick so must have been that it was separating the membrane walls in Mahek's Vagiana (she was right about not had an intercourse for very very long time - may be i was fortunate)
Soon i had begun to relax coz i was gaining confidence with each thrust and had begun to retreat by removing more than half of my shaft and began to enjoy every moment of all that was happening as Mahek was also corressponding with her reciprocatory movements and by now had begun to express pleasure on her face with her eyes shut that were at one time showing agony
I had also realised that while in motion my dick had slipped out a couple of times with the lubricative juices Mahek was releasing and went in quickly without any hassle in the same thrust
I had even begun to remove my dick purposely just to check if it went without much worry and i was succeeding may be because the vagina was very wet and also the skin around the pussy waited for the piston rod to come in woooooooooooow the moment of my life..... mewith the love of my life and first ever love making at the age of 32 shucks cudn't belive what was happening i was in seventh heaven.......
Soon Mahek's expressions began to change again coz she asked me to stop, i didn't and kept pumping her all of a sudden she cried a lill louder and requested me to stop which i did obidiently and was asked to eject, it surprised me as i hadn't climaxed as i had just begun to enjoy every bit of it while riding her,
as soon as i did she got her thighs off me and placed them on the bed me still looking on to her she looked at me and said after grasping some breath that she was unable to take it and apologised saying jannooo please forgive may be i am not very good on bed it's been very long since i made love.
I went next to her kissed her forehead hugged her and said thank you to her and said she needn't worry about it and kissed her all over her face and asked her to congratulate me as i wasn't a virgin any more and was indebted to her for helping me loose it, she giggled smiled then and as she had calmed down she got hold of my dick and shook it and toggled it with the condom still on it and helped me jerk it off as soon as i exploded in the condom it was for the first time i saw how sperms get collected in the tip of the condom she smiled at me and apologised saying how she wished my first time would have climaxed in her vagiana itself
I got up & got myself cleaned after wearing my undees went back to her she had covered her self with the bed sheet she then got up and said now i would have to wait and keep my eyes shut as she went to the washroom, she came back after cleaning up wearing just her undergarments she had manged to get some fresh ones coz they were a combination of blue and black
As we lay in bed next to each other talking of general things my right hand was constantly in her panties fondling with her clitoris or inserting my middle finger into her wet & hot vagiana and was licking my middle finger of the juices that she oozed out till date i haven't forgotten the taste of her juices and the aroma that filled the air around her very soft pussy
with every stroking of my finger in around her vagina the vulva, the libia (inner lips) her clitoris saw her changing expressions ofcourse she was feeling delighted and aroused by all that i was doing with her i was enjoying it too and soon i began to realise her hands do the same to me and wow i was hard again as i had another errection i looked into her eyes and in a reluctant voice asked her if she was interested in doing it again she got me stumped by saying wow that is quick surely why not lets have another go and also said she was impressed by the stamina i was showing
I was delighted tooo once again got my dick dressed with the fresh condom and after kissing and licking her tits and repeating what i done to her before getting her naked again after satisfying my licking desires i got into position and took control ....yet again i was told to promise her that i wouldn't look down at her vagaina, with my shaft hard & ready for the act following the same procedure as earlier i pushed i was amazed at the very expression she had on her face her mouth had opened wide suggesting "O" indicating how wide her pussy had open and then expressed lill bit of agony folllowed with a smirky smile indicating that her pussy had accepted the thrust and reciprocated her movements in tandam with every stroke of mine.....was i enjoying it......haaaaa i was in seventh heaven again though wearing a condom i could feel the wetness of her pre cum juices and moisture on my balls that were being tranferred from the rim of her pussy as i stroked inwards, she was tight as it was not very easy i am sure had i not been wearing a condom i would have peeled a layer or two of my dick and defnitely wouln't have thought of another round on the same day
As we both were enjoying it i was not to climax yet, the thing i feared happend again she couldn't take it more and asked me stop again just as i had gotten into the groove.....i stalled again ejected and relaxed next to her for her gain back her senses she was back with me and apologising that it was diifficult as the locomotive position had to much upward thrust on her rib cage and the thighs pressing on breast made it difficult to breathe easily and she was veery confident that i wouldn't climax easily.
But at the end of it all she admitted she was having the best time ever in bed and would be remebered for along time and not easy to forget, after a few minutes we ordered food as i was starving ate well slept for an hour and had another session a repeatition of the two previous ones but this time safter i ejected from her pussy she rolled the condomed out from dick kissed it took the wrapper packed the condom neatly into it and said she would preserve it as souveiner and kept it in her hand bag storing it in a hidden zipper
We after relaxing for awhile got up wore our clothes and decided to leave towards my house as her daughter would be waiting for her in aunts place.

Indeed this was one of the best days of my life and owed it all to my sweetest darling Mahek for all that happend and officially loosing my virginity and that to none other than my first love ever--Rightly indebted to her


Vishal Khanna

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