Sunday, 31 October 2010

married lady

Typical New Yorker I thought. And then my eyes caught the attention of a woman who seemed to be confused that she was looking everywhere. She had jet black hair brushed well over her shoulders nice mid-sized looped earrings that were smaller in size that didn't make her look sluttish. Baby blue shirt (Jcrew I think) with buttons in front, black skirt with zip at the back, tall black boots upto the knee that when the wind blew I could see her thighs. She was about 5'4" tall with light skin and I thought either she was an Afghani or Iranian. Not sure. She must be about 32 or 33 year old. Especially since it was getting dark. Her chest was busty and I was mesmerized with them that I kept staring at them all the time without realizing a voice near me. "Excuse me" she said. I looked up it was her, the woman who seemed lost. She was right next to me. She sniffed her nose and asked with a foreign accent "What's that smell?" I stumbled a bit but then continued "That's ok don't worry about it". "Ok. I seem to be lost" she said hesitantly.
I looked up her neck, she had a nice platinum necklace with a heart on it. But my focus was only on her two open buttons of her shirt that revealed some cleavage. She held the shirt with her one hand and distanced herself two steps behind and continued her question. "I am looking for directions". I answered bluntly Directions to where?" like a typical New Yorker (though I was far from being one). "Well, I am looking for the Flatotel hotel in New York City" she quipped. I replied, "You are in New York city and how did you get lost?" She said "Its a long story, I had the evening planned with my friend for a show in Broadway but she bailed out as her son got sick". I noticed that she had a big ring on her finger indicating that she was married. But then again who cares? This is New York city we are talking about. I inched closer, and could feel her fragrance (Gucci I thought). "I know how to get there, I am going to the same block to meet a friend for dinner" I said." Really, that would be great by the way I am Naina" she replied. "Oh I am Sid and by the way are you Arabic?" I inquired. She blushed and when she blushed her face turned so red like a tomato in some garden in New Jersey. I loved that look. It gave me an instant erection. "I am actually Indian but grew up in Holland in Rotterdam" she replied. "So you speak Hindi then?" "Yeah very fluently". She just made my day. "So which way should we go?"
The F train came in, people pushed us inside and boy it was packed. She held the bar in the center of the train, and i was right behind her. The train jerked and moved and i was pushed into her back that my crotch was on her ass crack. No one complains. This is how commuter train operates in NYC. My cock was hard. I will leave the size for the later part of the story. As the train jerked and swayed my cock was having fun going up and down her ass crack. She was very embarrassed and looked into my eyes to make me move away from her. I pointed with my head at the crowd indicating that i have no choice. I may even have smiled in a dirty way. My chest was rubbing her back. After 15mns of train ride, which seemed very short we got down. She would not talk and just asked. "Sid please take me to the hotel". I replied "What's the hurry Naina? Why don't you have dinner with me and then go to the hotel?" "I can't" she said "You are a single guy and i am married. My family is waiting in the hotel". "Oh come-on sweetie, its only half hour, no one will notice you. Plus do you have phone to call them?" She said "No". "Well then its settled, lets go to my apartment and make a call and inform them that you will be there in 30 mins ok?"We walk to my apartment building which is on the upper east side.

She wanted to wait at the lobby with the doorman. I told her to come upstairs. With great reluctance she said yes. We got into the elevator and pressed #15. This time i was on front of her, she refused to stare at me, all the time looking at the buttons on the elevator or trying to look away. But i continued to stare at her. I kept thinking to myself 'I need to taste her pussy and those melons. I badly need this desi pussy'. My cock was rock hard. I noticed her staring at my pants. The bulge was too obvious. I opened the door to my apartment. She was in shock with the interior decor of the apartment. "Nice place you got sid, i love it". "Well to be honest Naina its my uncle's he owns the clothing brand CNI in the city and he travels the world. I get to keep one of the rooms in turn for the housekeeping work". "Well your uncle has good taste now can i get the phone?" "Sure, why don't you sit down, I'll turn on the TV". "But why?" she protested. "I have to take a quick shower before i drop you off at the hotel and help yourself with a glass of wine". She hesitated. But i think the comfortness of the apartment eased her a bit. "Well okay just 1 glass". I poured a clos du bois 2004 white wine into my Uncle's expensive wine glass and handed to her. As she took the glass from me, my fingers touched her fingers for the first time. She did not flinch it. It was a good indication for me. I don't know what she could be thinking. But who cares this is New York city i thought. She sat on the couch with her legs crossed, stretching her skirt to hide her thighs. Her black boots shined from the recessed lights above her head. I stared at her thighs, that made her more nervous. I opened the door to my bedroom right in front of her, close to the TV. I kept the door open, from the couch she could see the mirror on the wall inside my room, i deliberately stripped in front of it. Taking my sweats off first, she could see my back muscles and then taking her eyes off me.

She pretended as though she was back watching TV but she was very shy. I stepped into the shower. I took about 15mns and was fantasizing about her all the time. I came out wrapped in a short white towel. "Did you call?" "Call whom?" She responded gasping. "Your family. I thought you were gonna tell them you got delayed". She was biting her lips. I walked near her, and leaned against her to pickup the phone by the end table. My chest was inch away from her mouth. I handed her the phone. She kept the wine glass on the table and was about to make the call. When i put my one knee on the couch and kissed oh her lips real hard. She was shocked. "What are you doing Sid?" "Isn't this what you wanted?" I replied curtly. "What are you talking about? I am a married woman and you cannot do this to me". I pulled her up holding her hands towards my warm body. I twisted her hands behind her back and kissed again. This time full mouth. She kept protesting and pushing me away. This time my towel fell down and showing her my 8 inches thick brown pre-cum filled cock vibrating and pointing towards her.

I went closer, slapped her right cheek gently, pulled her hair back and thrust my tongue inside her. She may have mumbled something in Dutch. I didn't care. I kept licking her tongue. I was naked at that point. I put my hand into her shirt, removed the buttons and threw the shirt off. I started to caress her boobs with my firm and rough palms. She started giving in at that point. I could see her staring at my hard cock. I put her hands on my cock, while i unclasp her bra (white in color) to reveal her C cup boobs with light brown nips. They were hard. I did not pay any attention to them. Looking at her eyes, i made her spread her legs while standing. I unzipped her skirt while squeezing her ass. I rolled her panties down over the tall black boots and threw her skirt and panties away. Now she was stark naked in my Uncle's living room where big celebrities visited him during his parties. I remember him shaking hands with Senator Clinton at the same spot where she was standing. I stood up, licking my two fingers with saliva, i started rubbing her pussy till my fingers were inside her. She moaned with a hiss "Please stop it Sid. Its unbearable". I said "Shush!" and continued exploring her pussy. I pushed her on the couch, spreading her legs wide over my shoulders, i went to discover her pussy. I said hello to her wet pussy in my mind. She was just shocked and too shy. A typical desi woman once stripped down naked. They all are. Its just a matter of time till the men see them naked.

Please Sid, don't do this to me, i will do anything lets just leave this place soon and no shooting". I didn't care, i removed her hands off the face and showed her my cock. "Make me happy Naina". She couldn't believe how a younger man could control her so much. She hesitated a bit, then i threatened to throw her clothes out of the window. She obliged. She started sucking on hard cock. I pushed her head against the cock, in and out. I did not stop. I felt so good. She kept looking at my eyes. Mmmm.. Naina that feels right... that feels good. Don't stop sweetie". She was licking my balls, she made me feel the right way. This was the only woman with whom i had good chemistry so far. I couldn't hold any longer. I lifted her up, put her on all fours on the bed. She pushed her hair below her and then holding my big cock i teased her ass crack for a moment. She couldn't wait.
She moaned "Muje chodona Sid" (meaning fuck me sid..fuck me now). At that point, i pushed my hard cock inside her pussy. Then i went deeper and deeper. I didn't stop and started ramming my crotch on her back things and ass. I slapped her gently on the ass and did not stop. She was screaming "Yeah baby, Yeah baby, now. Do me now. Harder baby Harder, Harder". Finally we came, i was inside her pussy for exactly 12 minutes but the excitement was too much. I lay on the bed with her. She didn't say a word.I got up from the bed handed her clothes to her and changed into my clothes. Then we got downstairs to the subway without saying a word. We walked slowly to the hotel, that probably was the slowest walk of my life. In my mind, i was so happy that this was the best fuck ever. In the end, when we came to the hotel door she shook my hands and said thanks for everything.