Monday, 20 July 2009


The fireworks were scheduled to start at ten o'clock, sharp, but Eliza was stuck in her damn office until nine. In fact, she’d be lucky to leave by nine-thirty at the rate she was going. Eliza Reina was a workaholic and she knew it, but she loved her job at the Meson Newspaper and never once complained.Stretching her arms above her head, she looked back at her computer screen. Truth be told, she didn’t need to be there. She could have gone home hours ago, but as long as he was here, she would be too. He, being her gorgeous, sexy as sin, editor/boss. The man was six foot two and made her five foot seven height feel short, but that wasn’t the only thing he made her feel. He wore his black hair a bit long, curling at the nape of his neck with his bangs framing those perfect, ocean blue eyes. She nibbled her lower lip gently, crossing her legs as she felt moisture gather between them.Anytime she thought about her boss she became aroused, and she knew she had a problem. She had been working under his supervision for weeks now, but had only exchanged a few brief words with him. He’d never go for her type, she was certain of that. Her curly brown hair was too long and wild and she hid her dark brown eyes behind square black glasses. She dressed well, but had never dressed to “snag a man” as her co-worker, Melissa, put it.Hearing movement in his office, she quickly gathered her things together before shutting down her computer.Eliza always stayed as late as her boss, but was never the last to leave. Not knowing what to say to him, she was afraid she’d embarrass herself if he ever tried to speak to her while they were alone together. .Grabbing her purse, she was heading out of the office when she heard him call out, “Eliza? Could you come here for a moment?”She gulped and fanned herself lightly. Even his voice raised her internal temperature, but with the heat, panic set in, as well. Had she done something wrong? Was he firing her this late at night? Giving her head a mental shake, she braced herself. He must have a good reason for wanting to speak with her so late.“Coming, sir,” she replied and walked over to his spacious office. Though the door was open, she knocked first, and he motioned for her to enter.“Please, have a seat,” he said with a gesture toward the two chairs in front of his desk.“Yes, sir.” Eliza sat down, placing her purse in the other chair. Glancing around briefly, her gaze was soon drawn back to her boss. Trying not to blush, she allowed her eyes to roam over him while he shut down his own computer. When he finally turned toward her, she looked quickly away from his chest to an award which sat on a nearby shelf. “You wanted to see me?”“Yes," he replied. "I just finished reading the article you wanted me to revise, and I have a comment I'd like to make about it.”Eliza blinked at him in surprise. She had written numerous articles for him but he had never once asked to speak to her about any of them. She racked her brain for her most recent articles but came up blank. Suddenly, her mind began to race, as did her blood, when he rose from his chair and came around to the front of the desk to lean back against it. This put his cock right at eye level and the bulge behind the zipper promised a delicious treat. Her mouth began to water, but she snapped to attention as he held out the article.As she glanced at the title, "Sensual Indulgences," her cheeks turned bright red. The whole article was about the variety of sex shops around town. Melissa had dared her to research the shops and then write the article but more as a joke than anything else. Eliza had never intended to publish it, but somehow it had slipped in with her weekly submission. She wanted to smack her forehead, she was such a klutz! “Well you see, sir…”“You did write this, didn’t you? Or did someone else put their name on it? I distinctly remember you handing it to me.”“Well, technically, sir, I did write it, but…”“But what?”“But I never meant to write it!" She blurted out. "It started as a dare from my friend, Melissa. I-I’ve never set foot in any of those stores!”“I see," he said slowly. Tossing the article onto the desk behind him, he came toward her and leaned down, placing a hand on either side of her chair. Eliza felt herself blushing again as his face neared hers. She could have sworn she was dreaming, and if so, she hoped no one would wake her because her hot boss had never been so close to her before. James Colliage never got close to anyone. He was fair and sociable, but he had never seemed very affectionate. "So, tell me, Eliza…just how much research have you done if you’ve never set foot in any of these stores?”She blinked in surprise. “Sir?”He smirked and leaned back against his desk. “You know what I demand from my writers, Eliza. I demand honesty and hard work. You’ve always shown me both.”“You’ve noticed?” She asked before she could stop herself.He frowned slightly, crossing his arms over his chest, his muscles rippling beneath his light blue shirt. “Of course I’ve noticed. I notice all of my employees.”Ah, that’s what it was. Of course, he would notice all his employees. “Yes, sir, I understand. Why would I think differently?” She asked, making sure there was a bit of sarcasm in her voice.“Don’t misunderstand me, Eliza. I also note the employees who stand out more than others. Like a certain woman who insists on working just as late as her boss.” His voice dropped to a murmur, causing Eliza to blush softly. “Tell me why you work so hard, so late, Eliza.”“Well I…” Eliza glanced down at her hands, but then looked up, staring straight into his eyes. “I want to show you I’m a good employee, sir. And I enjoy having a weekend off without having to worry about work.” Her voice had trailed off to a mumble and she blinked at him as he laughed softly. “Sir?”“Oh, Eliza, you have a wonderful spirit in you! You’re a steadfast, fully in charge type of woman--and I like that. In fact, I’m liking everything I know about you. But, I make it a policy not to ask my employees out.”“Of course, sir, that would go against the work policy in this office. Well, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be on--”“I never said anything about employees asking me out, Eliza.”She looked up at him in surprise, considering his words carefully. “I believe I’m confused, sir," she said, crossing her arms under her breasts. "What exactly do you want from me?”He pointed to the article again. “This shows me that you’re a complex woman. I have a feeling you enjoyed doing the research for this, but I also know that you’re smart and very beautiful. So, what do I want? A lot. However, what you want is the real question." Leaning down, he rested his elbows on the arms of her chair, his intense gaze focused on her eyes. "Tell me, Eliza, what can I give you?”That's all for today! Check in tomorrow for part two of The Whole She-bang!

James enjoyed being on the playful side of a conversation. When he was the boss, he portrayed a stiff, serious man, but here, in front of Eliza, he wanted to be himself. He saw the way she fidgeted and he had a feeling she was aroused and he loved the idea that he could do that to her.“Sir, I don’t believe I have the right to say what’s on my mind,” she finally murmured.James bit back a sigh. Walking around his desk, he sat in his chair propping his feet lightly on his desk.“Why not? We’re both here, after office hours, and neither of us is on the clock, or working. I’m simply a male tempted by a very lovely female.” James paused for a moment and had the pleasure of seeing her blush. “I’m not stopping you from leaving anymore. I don’t want to confuse you or embarrass you but I’m not going to lie either. You’ve been working for me for three months now. I've seen how you go out of your way and I love the way your brain works. But…” He dropped his feet and scooted forward placing his elbows on the desk, his chin propped in his hand. “…I’m also a man who happens to lust after his co-worker.”“Well, sir, I’m fla--Did you say lust?”James chuckled at her surprise. Walking over to her, he gathered her hands in his, kissing the back of each lightly.“Of course I did. Do you believe I stare at you because I’m thinking about work?” Sighing softly, he added, “I’m afraid I should have forgotten my duties and approached you sooner. I’ve wanted you for a long time," he murmured. "Let me show you how much I’ve lusted for you.”He nibbled lightly along the back of one of Eliza's fingers. To his surprise, she nodded, and James didn’t waste any time. Lifting her to her feet, he motioned for her to remain standing, but to lean over the desk. A small smile drifted over his lips as she obeyed, spreading her legs wide.James let his hands roam over her stockings then up her pencil skirt. Lowering the zipper, he pushed her skirt down, shuddering at the black wisp of lace she wore underneath. “You do dress for success,” he teased as he ran his hands over her warm ass. “I’ve dreamed of this ass--but the reality is so much better than the dream.” He shook his head when she reached for her top. “No. Keep it on. I want to give you something.”“Sir?”“Relax and enjoy,” James said, then let a long finger trail over her clothed pussy, feeling her shudder. “Mmm, you’re already wet," he whispered. "Yes, I’m going to enjoy this very much.” Reaching forward, he pushed the lace aside and gazed up at her sweet pussy before leaning in to flick her clit with his tongue. Her sharp gasp was evidence of her pleasure.“J-James…”“Don’t tell me a man has never tasted your sweet pussy,” he said with surprise.Her reply was a soft whimper.“Well, then," he said with a grin, "hold on for the ride.”He leaned in again, sucking her clit into his mouth. James didn’t give her time to think, alternating between suckling her clit and letting his tongue tease her pussy lips, delighting in the taste of her arousal. A strangled moan escaped her lips when he thrust his tongue inside.Her hips jerked and he steadied her with one hand as he penetrated her sweet heat with slow thrusts of his tongue while his thumb stroked her clit. Moments later, he felt the beginnings of her orgasm and quickened the pace of his thrusts, groaning with satisfaction as she finally reached the pinnicle. He swept his tongue over her wet pussy and then stood, licking his lips. Taking her in his arms, he gently nipped the back of her neck. Her soft, panting breaths concerned him. “You okay?”“Sir, that was…That was…”James chuckled at her loss of words. “I take it you liked it then,” he teased.A phone rang, startling them both.Eliza's eyes widened and she scrambled to raise her skirt and reach into her purse to answer the phone at the same time. “Y-Yes, I’ll be right t-there. No, I don’t need a ride. Yes, I’m fine. Okay, bye.” Her phone closed with a snap. “Ah, I hope this doesn’t, uh, change anything,” she said, her cheeks still pink with embarrassment.James pulled her closer, gently kissing her soft lips. “I’ll drive you.”“But, sir--” she protested.“Don’t worry," he said with a wink. "We’re nowhere near done.”THE ENDLet's all give Ana a big round of applause! Great job!